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  1. I have a N1 with BLANKDISK record error. I dont want to try to repair it myself. Anyone have any recent info on the cost of repair in the USA? Where do I send it, how much does it cost, how long is the turnaround time? Any independent repair facility (not some guy at home using non SONY parts ad hoc)? thanks Gary
  2. "Using Hi-SP will give you about 2 hours 20 minutes per 80 minute MD, and while you could get a lot more on a disc with LP2, you will definitely hear a difference if you compare them." Actually LP2 on an MZ-RH1 would yield me 160 minutes on a standard MD formatted old-style. That is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Vs. 2 hours 20 minutes recording on a HIMD formatted standard MD recorded using Hi-SP. Are you referring to recording in LP2 on a MZ-RH1 on a reformattd standard minidsic, reformmated to Hi-MD? Is the audio quality recording in LP2 on a HIMD reformatted standard MD worse than recording in LP2 on a standard formatted MD disc? Recording in LP2 on a reformatted MD will yield about 4 hours 40 minutes? live recordings using mic input
  3. What is my best option with recording and formatting on a standard MD, using a MZ-RHI, to dupliate the audio fidelity of live recordings when I was using NET MD LP2 on an MZ-N1? My goal is to duplicate the fidelity I got using the old setup, and save as much money as I can on the need for blank MD's beacause i dont erase them, I archive the recordings. Thanks.
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