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  1. tried holding the button long, nothing. formatted it many times, nothing. installed the newest firmware, nothing. and yeah, I was looking for (eventually found) the service manual. and finally, yes - the songs sound overly loud on the computer as well. No matter what I use (mp3, atrac) or what bit rate or even if I convert the files first before transfer, they songs sound like crap. I've given up on fixing this. It should be a matter of pressing certain buttons (because that's what my son was doing when it "broke") but I don't see what those buttons are in the service manual.
  2. so far I've tried formatting it in Windows (it doesn't like that) and that makes me have to use the reset button. The reset button doesn't really do anything, though if I have to hold it for a certain amount of time (something beyond 30 seconds) then I haven't tried that yet. It's just so annoying that I can't do anything to fix this problem. I know it has to be hardware related but I can't seem to be able to fix the hardware.
  3. allegate

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    sorry for the 7 month delay. the way it worked was that I bought the player for $200 and then was issued a $150 credit on the card, reducing what I had to pay back to $50. Nice deal. as for the warranty, no the player wasn't covered. It was going to be almost $110 to fix the player. Seeing as it was possible to get the other unit for $50, there was no point in getting it fixed. also, I'm still having this problem and have no idea what it could be. I noticed that the volume problem is even affecting the files when I play them in SonicStage so it could be a software issue except that it's happening to every computer I install the software on so it can't be software (plus no one else is having this problem).
  4. I'm still having problems with this player having the volume "too high" and am wondering if there's a way to restore all of the settings, like the entire machine, back to original factory default. I'm currently trying to get the user manual from this site's d/k but it keeps giving me errors so I can't open it. anyway, to describe the "too loud" imagine bad speakers getting music played through them too loudly and the distortion that you end up with. That is present all the time on ATRAC files, MP3's, MP3's that are transferred as ATRAC files, and even the radio. I have no idea what happened (other than my son was playing with it and he's only 2) and it's more than a little annoying. Thanks in advance.
  5. allegate

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    well, the 8GB would be after the $150 credit so it's effectively $50, not really $50. And as an alternative I was looking at getting one of the 2GB models + some snazzy headphones instead because with the $150 credit it would only be $50 total again. I'm trying to take the e507 apart right now to look for loose wiring but I can't get the knob off. I have the service manual but it's not really helping...it just says to pull it off but I can't get to the two clips to do so.
  6. allegate

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    I have the headphones that came with the unit, a pair of Sony wrap-around headphones (MDR-G42), and a pair of Sennheiser headphones that I can't get to at the moment. You can hear the "problem" at all volume levels and with each headphone unit. I'm so bummed about this because it worked fine last week and suddenly today it sounds like this. I thought maybe it was software related so I installed Sonicstage 4.0 on my laptop but the player still sounds like that. I tried different transfer settings and even transferring the songs as mp3's instead of atrac files but nothing has worked. According to Sony's website it'll be about $106 to get it repaired and my wife only paid $45 for the player (it was a Christmas present). I'm watching two auctions on ebay right now and I hope I win one of them. If not, as a backup I applied for a sony card this morning to get that $150 credit they're doing and I'll get one of the 8GB units from them for $50.
  7. allegate

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    I'm having a problem with my E-507 in which the sound is too loud. It sounds like I'm listening to the music at a volume that is just too high for the headphones to handle and it's all muddled and blurry. I was wondering if it was a software issue but the FM tuner sounds the same way. I tried turning the AVLS on but that didn't help. I tried resetting the player to the factory specifications but that didn't help either. Has anyone else had this problem? could it be a loose headphone connection or something?
  8. awesome...I had the same problems as everyone else and I this one worked for me. Thanks for the link!
  9. so the same as for the MD, ah. well thanks.
  10. The local CompUSA has one of these on clearance for $150 and I have a question: what bit-rates does it support in SonicStage 4.0? I know that for the MD units new bitrates were introduced (192 for example) but I'm not sure about the HW-HD players. And when I plug my PSP in I get an option for 96 which I know doesn't appear for my MD player, but does it for the NW-HD units? Thanks. I'm just wanting a large-ish HDD-based unit and this one is a nice price. Plus if I get an iPod I have to reconvert my entire library and I'm not looking forward to that at all.
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