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  1. Thanks a lot everyone. This was very helpful. I suppose I should try the RH1 then, poor as I am. Anyone know if they are for rent? Hahaha...
  2. Hi, sorry for the n00b question here. I have been searching the forums for some time and it seems every topic that talks about getting recorded audio from their MD player to a PC is in the context of audio that has been recorded in the Hi-MD format. I currently have a Hi-MD player (Sony MZ-NHF800). I need to get a lot of music on MDs that I recorded a long time ago, in the period from 1998-2000 (in the old SP format) onto my PC in digital form (wav, mp3, ogg, whatever). Yes, I know how to copy analog in real time with dual 1/8" jacks, but I want a lossless digital copy of what I have recorded
  3. Thanks Volta... Now I gotta start saving!
  4. And I have a question as well. I am thinking of getting an MZ RH-1, mainly to transfer old songs from MDs that I recorded in the late 90s to my computer's hard drive. My MDs are all 60, 74, or 80 minutes and none of them were recorded with a NetMD or USB cable. They were all recorded from CDs using a DiscMan with an optical out connected to an old school 1st gen MD player (with optical in, of course). Not even MDLP. They were all SP. So, my question is: can I use the RH-1 to transfer these old files/songs? Or do I still have to do it the analogue way and forgo the RH-1 ? Thanks, if anyone
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