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  1. =PK=


    Thank you! That's all I needed to know
  2. =PK=


    Hi! I have a lot of LP4 recorded from a lot of our presentations, directly recorded from the sound equipment by rec-out plug to my mz-n510 I can buy a used MZ-RH910 for a low cost. Can it upload music by USB connection to mi pc??? Thank you!
  3. Looks awesome! but... does it have any functionality about uploading music to/from a MD?
  4. Using kubuntu Feisty too, and it doesn't recognize mi mz-n510. Do I have to install any driver?
  5. I was thinking about using the "line in" as "mic in", because my MD (mz-n520) doesn't feature the mic in jack. Would it be useful?
  6. Hello! I have a mz-n520, and can't change the r-position parameter. The MD always answers "no set", even without a disc inside. What can I do? would it be a firmware issue? I'm just trying to set it to "rec from the end". Thank you! P.S. I can't set some other things that I can't remember now.
  7. The only thing I can think of is... go to japan and send it like a serious project to Sony or sharp, or even nintendo. Sell them the idea! But remember, before showing it, buy the patent! Always think BIG. Good Look! and God Bless you.
  8. It looks really bad. As said before, try to use it from fresh batteries. If it doesn't work, face the truth going to your local service telling the shamefull story.
  9. Hello! I'm not that good on english and electronics but... what is it for? Thank you!
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