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  1. I just found this thread and I'm so happy I finally found an explanation / solution for that problem (I am using MZ-N707, I suppose the blankdisc-problem is as common with the n707 as it is with the n1). As soon as I get home I will try to fix it. But noone described how that recording-problem evolved yet, right? I used OpenMG Jukebox (it sucks..) and one day I couldn't listen to the song I just transferred. It was on the MD with tag and original length and everything but when I tried to play it there was silence.. I suspected an error on the disc itself (some songs had interruptions) so I tried moving the songs around on the MD and all the sudden it worked. But a couple of transfers later it wouldn't work again and so I had the assumption that the scratches (or whatever it was) on the MD weren't the problem.. Since then I haven't been able to transfer songs anymore and in the worst case it would even erase my MD (I had worked for months on that compilation ) - the "BLANKDISC"-problem. Has anyone else had these problems in that sequence? Especially with the N707? But thanks again to purenagst for that great instruction!
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