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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, I have been collecting my Prestigious Minidisc collection over the years and I think now is the time to part ways with them now that my health is failing. I have multiple units from every generation of minidisc and if you are looking to have a piece of this awesome history, check out my selection below and PM me if you have any questions. All units have their own original box, manuals, cables, and software. 1: MZ-N707 (Blue/Silver) 2: MZ-N707 (Black/Red) 3. MZ-N10 4. MZ-NH1 5. MZ-NH3D 6. MZ-NH3D (I have two of these. Extremely rare) 7. MZ-EH1 (Black) 8. MZ-RH10 9. MZ-RH1 (This guy is the holy grail of the bunch to me. Love the way it looks, sounds, and records)
  2. Hello everyone, life is giving me a little hard time so I'm forced to sell my (not so long acquired) MZ-RH10. It's in perfect shape, all buttons functional. It has light scuffs/swirl marks on the front and the chrome sides. Also, one line of the display is blacked out (3/4 of it) as you can see in the third picture, but this does not affect the performance or readability of the unit display. This are some pics of it: Here is what is includes: MZ-RH10 unit with rechargeable battery + 2x new Vapex 1450mAh battery remote control (RM-MC60) AC wall charger USB cable AA battery case attachment standard sony earphones SonicStage 2.3 CD cloth pouch 2x New Duracell AA batteries Hi-MD branded portable case (this one: http://www.minidiscaccess.com/ca802.html, new) 2x MD-80 minidics Used PS Vita headphones (better isolation than the standard earphones) w/mic $270 shipped to the U.S. only! (Via Paypal, I'm a verified seller). Please post here if you want to buy or PM me. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks. If it doesn't sell here, it will go on ebay. I guess we can negotiate the price a little, or I could also throw in a quality headphone splitter (so u can hear thru 2 different earphones sets) Also, for sale: - Sony RM-MC35ELK (like new, displays Kanji) -$40 - Sony ECM-DS70P (original, in box, with extension cord, bought a month ago at a retail store here in NY) -$50 - 4 Hi-MD 1gb discs -$20 (each) - Case Logic 24 MDs case -$25 PS: More pics or info, PM me.
  3. Hello helpful folks, I have a question. I prefer to record optically from a CD to the MD in HI-SP mode, rather than transfer tracks from sonicstage to the MD. For some reason it sounds better like this to me. I was over a friends house and they had a lot of music on their computer that I liked. So I quickly installed sonicstage on their computer and burned 38 songs to a CD in MP3 format because I didn't have the USB cord for my RH10 with me. When I got home I put the CD in my Sony CD/DVD Changer Model# DVP-NC655P that is capable of playing MP3 CD's. I started the recording with the optical cable attached and the RH10 said "no digital copy." Does anyone know a way around this rather than burning 3 regular audio CD's and recording optically from them? I am baffled as to why I can record a factory CD unlimited times, but an MP3 CD wont record at all due to some kind of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). Retarded! Does sonicstage encode MP3 cd's with some kind of SCMS? Would the RH10 allow the recording from MP3 CD if I burned them with another program? Or are all MP3 cd's played with a Sony CD player flagged with copy protection to the MD? Anyone's help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sean
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