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WTB: Sony N1/R910/R909 and need advice

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i'd go for the NH1 as it is a HI MD unit where as the N1 is just a Net MD unit.. in short HI MD is better than Net MD because it boasts the same and better functions than Net MD units

the only thing i would be considering if i was in your shoe would be the difference in battery life because the N1 boasts a maximum of 110hours (playback) where as the NH1 can only offer 18 hours +/-

but bear in mind HI MD units can record a lot more up to 45 hours on one single disc where as Net MD units max out at 5 ...

one more thing you should take into consideration is the rate/time taken to transfer songs to the unit.. HI MD transfer x times faster than Net MDs..

now i think those would be the most important factors you should take into consideration when comparing the NH1 to the N1...there's a lot of other factors like size, ease of use , special functions etc

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