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Marc's Software VS TmpgEnc

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Now that we know Marc's software and TmpgEnc can covert oma files into WAVs, which one is better? and which one should we use? First and foremost, I don't want to take anything away from Marc. I would like to thank him for all the time and effort he put into this wonderful software, and I think everyone else also appreciates what he has done.

Now down to businees:

Personally, I think Marc's software is a bit faster. However, when it comes down to consistency and efficiency I'm not sure which one is better. What do you guys think?

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Dear MarC and others:

Does anyone know how (and why) Sony implemented the "1 minute" limit?

The strange thing is that files will play in real time, using a variety of methods (SonicStage, GraphEdit, TMPGenc, ... even Windows Media player). But when we try to go any faster (eg., dumping a Wav file from GraphEdit, or by accelerated recording speed in Total Recorder) it either hangs, or just returns the first minute.

So, either there is some clever time checking going on, or Sony has a bug. I tend to think the former. They seem to have really locked this up tight. But why do they let us have a minute clip? Or, why didn't they simply restrict it to the first minute only?

Well, fortunately we have an opening. And MarC has found it. I guess that is all that matters!


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I managed to convert a .oma file to .wav using TmpgEnc. I had to set it to output video+audio and I ended up with a blank .m2v file and a .wav file of the music. I had to keep upping the settings for the .m2v file till it encoded in ~realtime in order to get the whole 3:45 song out. Any faster settings (reducing bitrate on the .m2v, reducing frame rate) and I would end up with 1-2 min of sound with the rest silence.

This was only possible on my slow work PC (P3 700Mhz, 128Mb RAM, 20Gb HD) as my home PC encodes in seconds even when the settings are maxed resulting in 1-1:30 min of sound and ther rest silence.

To me, marcnet's program is still the best way to go for converting .oma/omg files to wav.

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