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I am turning Japanesa, I am turning japanesa and I think so. kurisu you need to change the font sizes of the loading screens. The "you have logged in as" screens. Alot of the font is too small. But so far it seems that your forum hand is strong

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Yea you need to change font sizes all the way around. All of the toolbar/ My account links are a little too small. Also make it a little more obvious how to go back to pages you have previously visited after you have posted. But alot of that goes hand in hand with when you create your new logo.

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I've taken to checking up on this forum once a year. It's looking good, you've done a really nice job for 2006. I can't wait to see what It's like in another 12 months, I expect big things in 2007. Seriously Kurisu, the site looks good. You've really outdone yourself. So how about those admin rights I asked for in July, 05?

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