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Rode NT4 mic with MD?

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I'm thinking about purchasing a Rode NT4 stereo mic to use with my MZ-NH900 HiMD recorder. Has anyone tried the NT4 with an MD recorder?

The NT4 mic can be powered from it's own 9v battery if you're using it with gear that can't supply phantom power. If I use the NT4 with battery power, will I be able to plug it straight into the mic input on my MD recorder? I just want to be sure that the "plug-in power" from the MD isn't going to cause any problems with a pro mic like this.

I realise for best quality I'll probably be better off using an external mic preamp and the line-in on the MD, but I'd like to have the option of going straight into the MD if I want to (for extra portability).

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I have been using the Line In for recording my own gigs (piano trio only so far, very soft to very loud dynamics). I put the manual recording level all the way up and get OK levels, but they are on the low side.

Having the 9V battery in the microphone is what allows you to go Line In. The mic needs some sort of voltage. Mic In gives 1.5V, Line In nothing.

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I'm new to forums but I'm a veteran bootlegger so I hope this is some help. There was a post asking about using the NT4 with a minidisc a while back and felt obligated to post

I have an NT4 and it works great in the studio when you have true phantom power on your side, but when I took it to record some stuff

of birds etc, I couldn't get a strong enough signal (MZ-NZ10) by going through the line in, and the mic in isn't even an option, it dirties the sound so badly.

I made sure my 9V was fully charged as well, and still nada. I believe to recording anything decent with it, you have to have a nice strong portable pre that will supply decent phantom power.

If anybody has any different results with their MD gear, preferably MZseries, please let me know unsure.gif

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