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  1. Just took the family to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. All four of us thought it was the best yet. Our seven year old daughter didn't care for the Voldemart episode[to scary for her] but the rest of it enjoyed the whole picture, We also thought the music was far better than in the first three.
  2. Does anyone here use this amp and if so what speakers are you using with them?
  3. I am into recording classical pipe organ and was wondering if anyone else has done this and what microphones you use. I know that omnis are the best for this situation and would like some suggestions. I have $500 to spend and can either go throught a mixer or straight to the minidisc. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know where to buy the Sonic Impact Tripath battery powered amo. Looking to purchase but having a hard time locating. Thanks, guru
  5. Using the line in will result in a quiet recording. Don't use line in for anything but loud sources. 1.5 volts will not affect this mike at all.
  6. Try a better microphone. Sony mikes tend to have self noise in them that can give you this hiss.
  7. What kind of microphone are you using? That could make all the difference in the world,
  8. Yes you can use the NT4. I have this mike and it is great.
  9. I'm glad it's finally out. You still can not convert a file that has used the optical in. Go renderer
  10. Will this work with something record optical in with a DeneckeAD20? I get my best sound that way. I am now using the 800 and record PCM with the Denecke and my recordings never sounded better. Thanks and peace, Guru48
  11. Hey dex, Will this work with Sound Forge 6.0 or do I need Total Recorder? Peace, guru
  12. For sale Denecke AD20 Pre=amp and Denecke battery operated phantom power supply. Both in great condition. Asking $400.00 for the two. If purchased before 6/21/04 will throw in 2 ATPro37R and free shipping. Any further questions please e-mail me. Peace, guru
  13. I have two Earthwork SRO mikes for sale. They are in great condition. They do require 48v phantom power and are omnidirectional. These ARE NOT matched pairs. Asking $500.00 for the two. Trying to do all my MD recordings as portable as possible and with as little equipment as possible so would like to sale these. Thanks, guru48
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