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  1. The travel charger for Motorola's RAZR phones works well and is compact.
  2. First, use the manual rec level setting, not automatic. Since you are using a battery box, you should go Line In so that you can record higher sound levels without clipping. Going line in, you will need to record kinda high on the levels. I record jazz gigs with the levels all the way up. For really loud music, somewhere around 25 should work. The great thing about the RH1 is you can see the levels while recording and adjust on the fly and next time you turn it on, the levels are the at the same setting.
  3. I have been in love with MD since the R90 days....I still think it's the best sounding live recording device and the only option for stealth recording. BUT! As soon as I can record in .wav or linear PCM on my iPhone....my RH1 and NH1 may be used a lot less.
  4. What about a firmware update to the NH1 or some sort of hack to allow it to upload to Mac, remember recording settings, and upload legacy MD recordings. Possible?
  5. I also have a similar, if not the same, problem: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=20946 Some guys have recommended tightening up some of the screws. I haven't tried this yet... I started using my NH1 for crucial stealth recordings. I gotta admit it is a much sturdier design. The problem is, I'm switching over to Mac from PC and the NH1 doesn't upload to Mac like the RH1 does. Oh well, trouble in paradise I guess...
  6. During a call to Minidisco about a month ago, they said that Sony said the RH1 (M200) will be the last model, but that they are still making them.
  7. Us Jazz Heads gotta stick together! Nice collection...how did you get all those titles typed up? Does anyone have the complete Bennedetti recordings of Charlie Parker?
  8. After uploading to SS and combining tracks in the 'My Library' side, is it still possible to edit the disc using the recorder while not connected to a computer? Also, when you combine tracks in My Library, are they gapless? As an example, if you uploaded a recording of a live performance with a bunch of track marks made by the recorder (because it was recorded using Line In) and then combined the tracks; would the resulting track play continuously without any pauses or glitches? Thanks....
  9. Is it possible to combine tracks once uploaded to SS? Is it possible to place track marks in SS?
  10. reefbeef

    RH1 vs NH1

    Are the internal screws tough to get to? Is there a repair manual to help with this? I plan to keep the NH1 but I'm thinking I should just go ahead and buy another RH1. I need it for legacy uploads and I also want to eventually work on Macs and not PCs (I wish Sony would allow legacy uploads to Mac) Plus, the LCD and the level meters on the RH1 make it so much more user friendly.
  11. Admin: This is extremely useful information. There is a lot of misinformation out there on this important topic. Can you make it more visible, please? Even minidisco has it wrong on their M200 page. It states that it is not compatible with leopard. Thanks a ton, Sixx, for this post...
  12. reefbeef

    RH1 vs NH1

    My RH1 has become undependable. When pressure is applied to the area around the rubber foot under the right side of the screen, it shuts off and restarts itself. I am debating getting a second RH1, but my NH1 still works fine. Also, the RH1 still uploads properly. I have a bunch of classic MD recording that I still haven't uploaded so I need a functioning RH1. I could get by recording on my NH1 and just using the RH1 for uploads. But, I am wondering: 1. The RH1 recordings sound great. Does the RH1 record higher quality sound than the NH1, or are they the same in this regard? (I am aware that the RH1 has convenient recording features like remembering your settings, but I am asking only about sound quality. 2. Are recordings made on an NH1 uploadable to mac? 3. Does anyone know of a good source for RH1's? The best I've found has been old faithful www.minidisco.com (they have the M200 model) Thanks in advance...
  13. I made a live recording onto my RH1 last night and it came out very well (used NT4 mic). Today, I accidently deleted some tracks in Sonicstage (I thought they were just crowd noise, but they weren't). Is there any way to get them back? They weren't uploaded yet. Are they still on the disc somehow?
  14. I love Hi-MD and do not own an iPod. But, I find Apple's iPhone and Touch and new iPods to be very appealing. I have not found any products (mics) out there yet that would enable live recording of music on the latest generation of ipods or the iphone. Does anyone know of anything out there? The iPhone seems to have some potential in this regard due to the fact that the earphones also act as a microphone. But, it does not currently take voice memos. For the time being, it seems to me that for recording live music (and especially for stealth recording) the RH1 is still the best choice. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance...
  15. Not sure if this applies to this mp3 player, but maybe worth knowing about... Researchers Say Sony Software makes PCs Vulnerable Is Sonicstage a similar type software? My PC did crash on me recently. Had to replace the hard drive.
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