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Hello, I've noticed a few of you don't speak English as your native language. So why should you have to adhere to English for this interface? I've already added German support for a few of our friends, but if you would like your native language as default just make your request here and I'll see if I can add it.

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Here's difficult one. I'm Finnish. rolleyes.gif

btw. Our asian friends (japanese, korean, chinese) might gladly visit these forums and share their news & experiences. But I bet you can't do that?

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Also I'm Italian, I need to write in language italian!  I live at Milan.

sarebbe bello se ci fosse un forum dove poter scambiare i nostri pareri in italiano. mi sa che ci sarebbero altri ragazzi, anche se non molti, pur considerando che in italia il minidisc è un binario morto... sad.gif

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^^^^ Yes.... wacko.gif


laugh.gif sorry MZ-NH1, I said that would be nice if could be special sections for each language of the most spoken. Not everybody can explane their opinion as well as by their mother language. But I know, it's a very difficult thing...

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