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Why Does My Hi-md Just Stop

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hello, i have had a problem for the past week or so, and i may have posted on it already, i dont quite remember

i have an nh600d and for the past week + i have been expieriancing, my player coming to an abrubt STOP in the middle of playing back songs

usualy i am walking when it happens, and the player seems to lose its place and does one of two things about a minute after cutting me off from listening

1: displays a can not read or write error message and turns it self off, then reads fine after turning it back on


2: returns to the begining of the disc, like i just started it up after taking the disc out!

as you might know it is most annoying to be enjoying your music then have it cut off, and have to restart the song again or fast forward to the olace you were at

if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this or if it is something to do with the player please hlp me, it is really Pissing me off, i dont want to throw my player at the wall

thancks in advance

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hmm your second problem sounds like the detector that senses if the lid is closed may be acting up, or your batteries are very low

the first one, again the batteries could be the culprit, or it could be the laser head. try getting a cleaning disc or try playback from a different disc and see if it makes a difference

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thank you for the reply but hpwever, i have tried playback with a full battery and i also have tried with a different minidisc, the problem occures the same

the sensor for detecting the lid being closed is omething worth thinking about however

i have noticed that the lid is a little wiggely, is there any ways to tighten this lid?

i have also cleaned the discs, and am wondering if a laser cleaner would be a good idea

well if anything, in the case i cant fix it i will prbly replace it with another protable music player

but i feel this is a fixable issue.....

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If you are living in the country where you purchased your 600, you can try getting Sony to repair it- If it's still under warranty they normally fix things regardless of what's wrong. In my experience with Sony,this doesn't hold true for optical blocks,but that doesn't seem to be the problem in your case.


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I have exactly the same problem, but on an NH1 this time!

I'm listening to music, and somehow, it stops and reboots. I have to do everything from the beginning. I agree it's extremely irritating, and even with the 'disc memory' option on, it doesn't make any difference.

So you're not the only one to have this issue on a Hi-MD unit! wacko.gif

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well, if this issue is aswell on even higher end models that makes me less prone to getting another hi-md

and as for sending it to sony i would most likely have to pay a certain fee and ship it out aswell i believe, im wondering if this pay is worth it...and i dont have a sony store ANYWHERES near by

i like hi-md a lot but i cant deal with music just up an quiting on me

ill try a few different things but im thinking about savin for something new....

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