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Sonicstage3 Plug-in

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the feature to import CDs as MP3s as mentioned for the upcoming version 3.1 of sonicStage can be added via download for version 3.0 (works fine for me: v3, english)

downloadlink @ sony.de wink.gif

special thanks to JoRuediger, he found the link

Thanks! Installed just fine. Has anyone had experience with the quality of these mp3s? They max out at 256 and I don't think they are VBR.

My question is why doesn't Sony provide easy access to this program add-on? Weird.

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Thanks you very much indeego and JoRuediger !

installing this add-on has finally solved my problem :

importing CDs in Sonicstage 3.0 did not work , and the "CD Importing Format" was completly blank;

burning with SB 2.0 did not work too.

Maybe my old add-on was not properly installed, though I have tried many times.

btw, I had the update database problem in SS 3.0 too, solved by re-registering MDAC and JET.

With this add-on , all is working fine now in SS 3.0 and SB 2.0

(desktop : Windows XP Pro /SP2, laptop: Sony VGN-A115B Windows XP Home / SP1)

Thanks again.

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