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Just Back From Japan With Rh-10

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Hi all,

I got my RH10 last week in Nagoya for the equivalent of $400 aussie dollars.

I'm very impressed with it. The screen makes it easy to use (once I changed the language to English that is!)

I recorded my last gig in Japan with it and it sounds good - I used PCM mode.

The AC adaptor is 110-240v switchable and very lightweight.

On the down side it doesn't remember Rec Mode settings, which is a slight pain.

Nor does it have the clock/timestamp feature that I found handy on my MZN10.

I will endeavour to answer your questions once I get over the jet lag.


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Guest NRen2k5

How long is the interval of silence between the end of one MP3 and the beginning of the next?

Does the RH10 seem to cut off a tiny bit of the end of the MP3 played?

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Is it true than RH10JE can still record true SP, LP2 and LP4 without using sonic stage?

I heard that the US version does not allow you to record these formats except through Sonicstage.

If it still does, i will buy the JE version.


No. I cannot find these older codecs on the Japanese edition.

Just PCM, Hi-SP and Low-SP


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