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  1. Thanks! I ordered in December through amazon but it got delayed due to it being out of stock. But this deal is definitely great so I ordered. Thanks again!
  2. WinNMD has a feature that retitles the minidisc via free db. Even if SS uses Cddb, this feature from WinNMD is a nice addition since you don't have to retitle the MD or Hi-MD by manual typing.
  3. Pleas see here for full details: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=9586
  4. Till now what i have noticed Faster than WMP10 Also I try it at your own risk :devil: taken from here http://www.nsitlounge.in/bb/index.php?show...t=0entry24517 Thanks Stuge. U da man.
  5. The adaptor is 120 volts no 240v support.
  6. "anyone gotten their DH10P yet? anxious=D" I got mine last Friday. Fast shipping.
  7. Congrats and finally after a long wait. Enjoy! It's my turn to wait for mine, hopefully not as long. So is it what you expected?
  8. Wow this deal I can't pass. So I ordered one. Thanks.
  9. It should, however some computers block access to pen drives and external drives.
  10. I was fortunate to buy a Casio ZD 1 for $65.00 in the U.S. It is an MD boombox with radio, CD and remote control.
  11. Has anyone done any ABx test on ATRAC Lossless and 352kbps yet?
  12. It should. I have used my NH900, a first generation Hi-MD like yours.
  13. I just transfered a track in 352kbps to my NH900 via Sonicstage 3.3.
  14. I've tried it using a similar device made by another company and messed my NH900.
  15. Interesting to note: I can play this oma file and when checking for properties, it is showing that I can create CDs, ATRAC CDs and import it to a Hi-MD. I guess the "restrictions" associated with .oma file not too long ago are now gone when creating oma files with no DRM.
  16. Good luck and have fun. I can't wait what comes out "straight from the horse's mouth."
  17. I fell in love with the MD format in 1997, Okinawa, Japan. When Hi-MD came out, I honestly thought that it will become more popular; so excited then that I even did a countdown at the other MD board. Currently, I have about 500 MD discs, 1 MD boombox, 2 MD decks, 2 MD book shelves, 6 portables including the old MDH 10 (MD and MD data). 1 Hi-MD portable and was looking forward to the 3Gen. MD. I am hoping that Sony opens the MD format to all instead of just dropping it. Just open the ATRAC/MD technology up, Sony.....
  18. If your an artist maybe or a Sony musician? lol I have been fiddling with the registry and seems like they added OpenMG video? Hmmmm...
  19. SonicStage 3.2 does give you an option to add DRM or not to add DRM when you transfer songs from CDs.
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