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Need Sony Japan WALKMAN Web Theme Music

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I wonder if somebody could help to get a mp3-version of the following track .. it is used with sonys walkman-page .. I emailed some japan (?) shop about this but get no response ..

the track is:

Fly ( Sigh & High Blue Surface mix ) by M.O.K.

any help appreciated

merci wink.gif

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For those who are still interested, the track - Fly ( Sigh & High Blue Surface mix ) by M.O.K. - is in Disc 2 of 10R | Flower Records 10th Anniversary Album. The album is available from Amazon Japan for approx. 3000 yen.

Track Listing

Disc 1

01. 77 Ways of Love (Malawian Blue Mix)(Little Big Bee)

02. Spanish Storm (At Jazz Remix)(Bayaka)

03. 夕ぐれ (Tiny Voice,Production Remix)(Reggae Disco Rockers)

04. 太陽の石 (Sunaga t Experience du bossa remix)(eico)

05. Feel The Air (Yukihiro Fukutomi remix)(Jazztronik)

06. くらげ (Day Light Mix)(Su-Paka-Pooh)

07. A House Is Not a Home (readymade remix)(Reggae Disco Rockers)

08. Brisa (at jazz remix)(Jazztronik)

09. I saw the light (Little Big Bee mix)(Reggae Disco Rockers)

10. Get ready Dubwise (Reggae Disco Rockers)

11. 忍 Shinobi (Two Banks of Four remix)(Jazztronik)

Disc 2

01. Para a Terra (Reggae Disco Rockers remix)(Jazztronik)

02. City,Country,City (Franck Roger remix)(Little Big Bee)

03. Froro (SUMO remixes)(Jazztronik)

04. Fly (Sigh&High Blue Surface Mix)(M.O.K.)

05. Blue flamingo (Little Big Bee remix)(Reggae Disco Rockers)

06. K.G.O. (Jazztronik remix)(Little Big Bee)

07. Palaver Tree (Cosmo Dance remix)(DJ Nori)

08. Reminiscence (Leftbrown a walk in a dream)(奥山みなこ)

09. 夢先案内人 (Slowly remix)(eico)

10. 海が教えてくれたこと (Sunaga t Experience remix)(奥山みなこ)

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