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  1. Recently scored a Darkvoice 332: Tube rolling is a drain on the wallet
  2. I have one, it's a great camera. Do you have steady hands? If not I recommend getting IS lenses. They help in all sorts of light, but really come in handy in darker situations. For a strong zoom go for Canon's 70-300 f4.5-5.6 IS, B&H in NYC has it for $600 or less. It's not an L series (pro lens), but it has several elements of the pro series, namely an ultra low dispersant glass element (UD). Generally this kind of glass is reserved for their L-series lenses. The better glass makes the 70-300 sharp as a tack and the IS really helps hand-hold shots at 300mm. If you want an all-purpose quality lens, Canon also makes a 24-105 f/4 IS. It's an L series lens so it does cost more, but it's well worth it. The lens is weather sealed and is very very well built with excellent optics. You'll pay for it though, ~$1100. I have both and am trying to get rid of my other non-Canon lenses because I simply don't use them anymore, the 70-300 and 24-105 cover every range I ever need to shoot. Here's a good site with bench tests for many lenses: http://www.photozone.de/8Reviews/index.html ps, If you're interested, make sure you get the 70-300, NOT the 75-300, it's a prior generation and not as good.
  3. The article said 'probably three to five years away from widespread use of so-called "loss-less" compression schemes'. Keyword widespread, as in people will wake up and ditch mp3 for flac when storage and bandwith are no longer concerns. Effectively, once portable devices can hold a few hundred gigs or a terabyte, there's no reason to use lossy codecs anymore. As it stands now I have about 550 albums compressed in a mix of flac and monkeys audio and they take up around 177 gig. 250 gig drives are about $70 nowadays, it makes lossless a no-brainer for the desktop. IF, of course, you care about sound quality. I'd venture to say most people from 15-30 nowadays do not. It is all about convenience for those folks, until they get bit by the audiophile bug. We're on the verge, in 3-5 years time we'll easily have 1 terabyte 1.8" drives, and the 1TB PC harddrives of today will cost $70 or less like 250 gig drives do now. Yay for advances in technology.
  4. Country music can bite the bullet as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Astronomy Technologies, AT80-ED f/6.8 Apochromatic Refractor http://www.astronomytechnologies.com/AT80E...D-Refractor.asp Will be using this as a guidescope when I'm imaging off my Schmidt-Newtonian and as an imaging scope for wider field stuff.
  6. Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Anyone want to buy my Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 ??
  7. So far it doesn't sound like DSEE does anything. Tried with Hi-LP and LP2, it's definitely not a striking difference if anything.
  8. Minidisco still carries the D66.
  9. BT - This Binary Universe 1. All That Makes Us Human Continues 2. Dynamic Symmetry 3. The Internal Locus 4. 1.618 5. See You On The Other Side 6. The Antikythera Mechanism 7. Good Morning Kaia
  10. Don't forget to chain your firespells for max range.
  11. BT - Rare and Remixed Disc 1 1. Remember (ESCM 12in Mix) - BT 2. Forbidden Fruit (BT & PvD's Food Of Love Mix) - Paul Van Dyk 3. Transway - Dharma 4. Shame (Way Out West Mix) - BT 5. Not Over Yet (BT's Spirit Of Grace) - Grace 6. Let There Be Light (BT Mix) - Mike Oldfield 7. Anomaly-Calling Your Name - Taylor 8. I'm Alive (BT & Sasha Mix) - Seal 9. Heart Of Imagination - Sasha/BT 10. The Dream - Prana 11. Reality - Cassa De X Disc 2 1. Sunblind - BT 2. Smartbomb (Plump DJs Mix) - BT 3. Fibonacci Sequence - BT 4. The Hip Hop Phenomenon - Tsunami One/BT 5. Godspeed (Hybrid Mix) - BT 6. Dreaming (Science Dept.'s Friend And Family Mix) - BT 7. Blue Skies - BT 8. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Timo Maas Mix) - BT 9. Run To You (BT Vs. PvD Mix) - Dina Carrol 10. I Love You (BT Mix) - Sara McLachlan 11. Flaming June - BT
  12. Nuove Musiche 1. Arpeggiata Addio 2. Passacaglia Antica I 3. Passacaglia Andaluz I 4. Passacaglia Antica II 5. Passacaglia Cromatica 6. Passacaglia Antica III 7. Passacaglia Cantus Firmus 8. Passacaglia Caltica 9. Passacaglia Spontanea 10. Passacaglia Andaluz II 11. Toccata 12. Passacaglia Cantata 13. Corrente 14. Corrente 15. Toccata 16. Ciaccona 17. Toccata Cromatica
  13. Genre wise there's no real pattern or bias to a particular type of music.
  14. Tape 14 is actually pretty good. I was semi-disappointed with 12 and 13, but this definitely makes up for it.
  15. Henry Arland - Ambiente 1. My Romance 2. Crazy 3. Plaisir d'amour 4. Was ich dir sagen will 5. La vie en rose 6. Autumn Leaves 7. Moon River 8. Without You 9. Tenderly 10. Illusionen 11. My Way 12. Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen 13. Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon 14. Der Traum vom Fliegen 15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 16. Midnight In Berlin Another artist found indirectly via the Mercedes Benz mixed-tape series.
  16. Ah that's much better. The default style makes my eyes bug out
  17. The more eyes the better, especially considering spammers and other disgruntled parties can have a field day with wiki articles.
  18. Hit 44k users a short while ago. At this rate we'll hit 50k by year's end!
  19. Goya Project - Ambiances 1 Um a Um, feat. Paula Moreno (Brazil) Aaj Andhere Mein, feat. Christine Marques (India) Le, Le Yaman, feat. Anahit (Armenia) Sunrise, feat. Mario Morejon el Indio (Cuba) Ambiances, feat. Anahit (Armenia) Fabiana, feat. Mario Morejon el Indio (Cuba) Klezmatic, feat. Henry Arland (Germany) The last track on this album, Klezmatic, was on the 9th Mercedes Benz Mixed-Tape. The rest of the album is pretty excellent. Highly recommended, http://www.goya-project.com
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