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Mz-nhf800 Soft Case (available In Uk)?

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Can anyone recommend any decent cases for the 1st generation Hi-MD recorders? Or even recommend any source of cases for minidisc recorders?

Do you know whether they are currently available in the UK?

I've really only so far found a couple of CaseLogic cases, both of which seem to have been slated by most people who have reviewed them.

Thanks people.

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i own a mzhn900. there is an available case from sony for all himd 1st generation portables that i own. the model is mdcas4. if you're in england you should take a look at amazon. the case has an arm strap and it's very comfortable. you should know that in this case you could only carry your portable minidisc and not even 1 disc because it's very little. you can take off the arm band and use it attached to your belt. i can say that it is very very comfortable and i'm pretty satisfied with it.

hope that helps you


here is a picture:



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Does the small size mean that an NH900 will only fit in WITHOUT its add-on battery compartment?

I am looking for a case for my NH900. I have tried the LowePro D-Res 6, but this is too big, even with the battery case. Coincidentally, a HiMD unit is virtually the same dimensions as a closed Gameboy SP. I have ordered a case from ebay for 99p, so if this works it will be a pretty cheap alternative. Will post when I've tried it out.


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Case Logic make some excellent MD cases - how about something like this, the MPC2?

user posted image

user posted image

The CASE LOGIC MPC2 PLAYER Carrying case is very cool and very small. This black and silver neoprene case will hold your minidisc player secure while you persue you active lifestyle. Belt loop, and handy water resistant Neoprene make this a quality buy. Nice. Extra nice is that Case Logic have decided to add a spiffy elastic / velcro armband...strap it on and go!

Dimensions: Approx, 4"H x 4"W x 1"D

(Pics & description stolen from minidisco.com - look here: http://www.minidisco.com/mpc2.html)

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Right! After much deliberation I've finally bought a case. I visited 4 shops yesterday (camera shops mainly) and found many cases (Lowepro and Crumpler included) most of which were unsuitable.

The majority of cases seemed to be either way to big, not wide enough or not have any storage for disks or remote control etc.

Lowepro do have quite a large selection and their Rezo 20 seemed useful and a good size for the recorder (NHF800) but not wide enough to fit in any discs.

Crumpler have some good cases also but many again not wide enough. They do a simpler alternative to the Case Logic NPC2 Neoprene case in their 'PP' range of photo bags though.

Closer match for my machine and accessories was a Samsonite Trekking case - TREKKING DF-10 BAG. This I think was wide enough to fit a couple of discs in their sleeves into the front pocket while leaving plenty of space for the recorder in the main pouch with the remote sitting on top of it. The only problem with this is no zip on the main pouch - you have to trust a piece of velcro. I didn't really want to risk it.

The bag I eventually went for was ironically a Case Logic product. This I found more suitable and sturdy than their dedicated neoprene MD case. It's a DCB3 and is similar to the Samsonite case above but has both compartments zipped and an overall clipped cover. Nothing's falling out of that! Not quite as much room inside, so the remote won't fit in, but the idea is the remote should be outside anyway I suppose. You can fit 2 discs in their sleeves in the front pouch and the (still plugged in) earbuds sit on top of the recorder in the main pouch if you want to do that. The remote could clip to the cover I think.

The case is obviously larger than it's neoprene cousin but the contents are that bit less vulnerable and you can fit other bits and pieces in it as well. Loosish belt loop on the case and clippy shoulder strap provided. It was no more exensive than the MPC2 at 7.99UKP.

Anyway, hope that helps those searching for that elusive 'perfect' Minidisc satchel. I've had a go at finding it - but unfortunately I'm not sure it exists!


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My SP case has turned up and it is an almost perfect fit!

I attach some photos of my case in action. It isn't waterproof (nothing a ziplock plastic sandwich bag wouldn't fix though), but very light and functional. A double-zip runs around 3 of the 4 edges, allowing you to run your leads out wherever you want. On the inside of the cover is a pocket, ideal for storing a spare gumstick cell. On the back is a velcro belt strap, and on the top are two loops for attaching a neck-strap (supplied).

I got this on ebay, from Hong Kong, for 99p plus P&P. Here is the seller and here is a similar item.


I think you could probably unstitch the Nintendo flash on the front.

It is a good fit with an NH900, may even be space for a spare disc -- would have to sit behind player -- with an NH1 I think there may be a bit of spare room, perhaps even a little too loose. Should be fine for yer 600, 700 and 800 units though.

*just sharing my experiences* mal.




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