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  1. You may have seen this on AtracLife..... The only time I seem to post is to sell something..... In an attempt to raise some funds for a new RH1, I am selling my beloved NH1 by auction. You can find the listing and pictures, etc. here. Player comes with charge stand, AC adaptor, USB cable, headphones, SS 3.3, documentation. In fact, the only things missing are the optical cable and those clips to put around cables. Item is used, but in fantastic condition, with v. v. v. slight marks on front and back, but you have to look really hard to find them. Player has always been used in a case. Lot comes with a Caselogic 12 minidisc wallet case, 10+1 HiMD discs, 8 slimline disc cases. grab a bargain. Cheers. mal.
  2. In case anyone is interested, I am selling the NH1 that I bought as a back-up. I am suitably impressed with the NH1 to believe that my current NH1 will outlast me -- one of us is made from magnesium! Anyway, it is completely unused and has only been taken out of the box to check contents, then lovingly packed up again. I tested it with its battery and it switches on without issue. You can find my auction here, with a couple of photos. Thanks for your time. I am looking for around £100 [plus P&P] as a guide. mal.
  3. I use my NH1 primarily as a playback device. In addition to its flexibility and excellent SQ, can I extoll HiMDs virtues of being able to manipulate tracks and albums on-the-go. Moving single tracks from one group to another, moving entire albums, reordering tracks, deleting tracks and albums......all of these things are possible with HiMD machines. And its just what I need. As someone who does all of his listening through his portable device and not on a PC, I like to be able to remove the duff tracks from albums, freeing up space for other tracks the next time to transfer music over from my laptop. I am so glad I moved back to HiMD. mal.
  4. I have bought a 5 pack from discount discs for about £5 per disc, but better than this was the 2 pack "himd blister" from Amazon for £7.95. mal.
  5. I have just bought a 5 box of the new blue ones from Discount Discs in the UK for £4.99 per disc [inc. delivery]. Best I've found here. Any improvement? mal.
  6. I picked up the only one I could find in the Birmingham area yesterday. After a few months in the HD wilderness, I have made a [welcome] return to HiMD. I previously had a NH900 -- I must say that the NH1 is a significantly nicer [iMO] unit, in terms of size and aesthetics. I know there is another post running at the moment, but the same tunes on my NH1 sound significantly better than on my HD5H, with absolutely no background noise. Altogether a pleaseure to return to Hi-MD. Now I'll just look forward to the launch of the RH1 mal.
  7. If anyone is looking for a NH900 Hi-MD unit and accessories, I am selling on on ebay currently. Have a look here. I am open to good offers -- but can only look at offers made before Saturday 18:00. PM me if you are interested. mal.
  8. I have just written a reply in this thread about a Nintendo Advance SP case. Have a look - I have put a few photos with it. I find that it is a perfect fit for an NH900 - might be slightly big for an NH1, but could be worth a try. With this one, no additional holes would be required I think. A question for posting -- is there any way (or associated etiquette) for posting replies to more than one thread at a time? I am thinking in terms of duplication of info. Off-forum replies welcome to avoid clogging! mal.
  9. Actually, a better figure for the amount of music (or data come to that) is the storage capacity. A 1GB HiMD disc holds ~965 MB, and an 80 minute MD can store 300 MB music/data. THe amount (hence play-time) of music you can store is determined by the quality / bitrate that you convert your files 'at'. I use 64 kbps (ATRAC 3+) and typically, an album is about 18-25 MB in size. Do the maths and you get the following: HiMD - 35-40 albums / 450-500 tracks; MD - 10-12 albums / 120-140 tracks. This is a clip from the NH900 user manual. [attachmentid=227] THe question then becomes "what bitrate to rip your music at"........I suggest you trawl the forums to answer this one!!! mal.
  10. My SP case has turned up and it is an almost perfect fit! I attach some photos of my case in action. It isn't waterproof (nothing a ziplock plastic sandwich bag wouldn't fix though), but very light and functional. A double-zip runs around 3 of the 4 edges, allowing you to run your leads out wherever you want. On the inside of the cover is a pocket, ideal for storing a spare gumstick cell. On the back is a velcro belt strap, and on the top are two loops for attaching a neck-strap (supplied). I got this on ebay, from Hong Kong, for 99p plus P&P. Here is the seller and here is a similar item. [attachmentid=224][attachmentid=225][attachmentid=226] I think you could probably unstitch the Nintendo flash on the front. It is a good fit with an NH900, may even be space for a spare disc -- would have to sit behind player -- with an NH1 I think there may be a bit of spare room, perhaps even a little too loose. Should be fine for yer 600, 700 and 800 units though. *just sharing my experiences* mal.
  11. Does the small size mean that an NH900 will only fit in WITHOUT its add-on battery compartment? I am looking for a case for my NH900. I have tried the LowePro D-Res 6, but this is too big, even with the battery case. Coincidentally, a HiMD unit is virtually the same dimensions as a closed Gameboy SP. I have ordered a case from ebay for 99p, so if this works it will be a pretty cheap alternative. Will post when I've tried it out. mal.
  12. Don't know if the 910 uses the same gumsticks as the nh900, but have a look at this thread for some links to alternatives to the NH900 gumstick, plus stand-alone chargers. Any help? mal.
  13. This may be the case for HiMD unit, but is definitely what happens with HD3 unit - but I tend to convert my mp3s to ATRAC first (as I used to have a HD3 and I found this the easiest way and its stuck with me now I have transferred to HiMD). You specify (in options) where you want recorded music to be stored. Then within that directory a folder called Optimised Files (or something) contains the converted mp3 (now ATRAC) files. I would imagine that transferring mp3s direct to HiMD unit would do something similar (ie convert then transfer, so it will probably end up the the folder mentioned. I only want to convert files to ATRAC once so I do the conversion as a matter of routine, before I think about transferring to HiMD. Also, you can easily back-up the Optimised Files folder, and re-import your music from the back-up should SS3.0 decide to do anything sinister. Any help? *happy NH900* mal.
  14. I posted something similar in another thread, but here is the gist: I have ordered 2 x 1350 mAh gumsticks and a charger from here and this is the charger. (2 day delivery - really impressed) I am trying it out tonight so will report back shortly. Also can charge AA cells - so you can really get your power!!! On a (slightly) associated note, does anyone know how the bookmarks are saved on the NH900? Or more importantly, if I remove all power to the unit, will I lose stored bookmark lists? I ask before I simply switch gumsticks and lose the bookmark lists I already have stored. mal.
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