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Questions About Mz-rh10

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Hi i am very interested in this unit. However, i am very confused about some aspects of it. It is my understanding that there are two versions of it out on the market. One is the Japanese version with the LCD remote and Kanji support, the other is the International version with a non-LCD remote. The websites iv seen do not specify which it is so it is very frustrating when i am trying to find a place to buy it for the best price AND get the unit i want (the Japanese version + blue). So, is there a good place that i should start with? And is there an easy way to tell which version it is?

I am also wondering if Sony might come out with a similar unit in the near future with the new RM-MC55ELK remote. Thanks.

edit: Im looking at this site and it seems to be a Japanese vesion MZ-RH10. Can someone confirm this? Its my first time buying a md player. TY again.


questions for those that know this store: Do they carry different color models? I really like the blue smile.gif

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As a rule of thumb, if the merchant isn't Japanese, or the merchant does not sell imports, chances are you aren't going to get Japanese.

The Japanese version sells for around $US 350, lowest price for it outside the Japanese market is on eBay. Here's one:


I heartfeltedly recommend buying from this seller, he owns a shop in Japan and is extremely caring of his customers. Replies quickly, and speaks excellent English. On top of that, he honors the Japanese 1 year warranty that comes with the unit for residents outside Japan.

I guess you can tell by now that's where I got my RH10 from smile.gif Very satisfied.

Etronics is american and I am 95% sure that model is the US version. And if it is, they won't have the blue one.

Hope this helps.

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Here is the list of features that was shown on Etronic:

Skip-Free G-Protection Technology

ATRAC3plus Playback at 132, 105, 66, 64, and 48kbps

MP3 Playback

6-Line EL Screen

USB Connectivity

Song & data storage capacity with 1GB Hi-MD disc

Built-in HD Digital Amplifier

Personal Disc Memory

6 Band/7 Gradient Variable Equalizer

Range: -10dB - the 10dB

Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz

Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz +/- 3dB

7 Step Speed

One-Touch Disc Ejection

Digital Record Level

Pitch Control: 80-110%

Sampling Rate Converter

Synchro-Recording Function

Name Editing

Built-in Alarm Function

Automatic End Search Option

Time/Date Stamp

Backlit LCD Remote

Auto Time-Mark: 1 to 99 Intervals

Virtual Surround Headphone Technology

Light Magnesium-Alloy Casing


Line-In Jack

Rechargeable Battery

Charging Stand

Dry Battery Case

USB Cradle

AC Power Adaptor

Digital Cable

Walkman Earbuds

SonicStage Software

USB Cable

Of these i notice a Charging Stand and LCD Remote, isnt that what the Japanese vesion comes with? It would be no Charging Stand and a non-LCD remote otherwise. They are closed till tuesday so i cant ask them, guess i will have to wait dry.gif

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I noticed it also lists the Digital Cable, which is US version only.

And I *really* doubt they'd sell Japanese SonicStage software (they are a pretty big electronics retailer) to the american public, which most couldn't use. Call them up but I'm convinced it's the US version sad.gif Look at the price too...

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a lot of etailers just copy & paste from sony press releases or other etailers product lists. the way sony's major announcments are made in japanese & the way they differentiate product options & extras for various world markets only contributes to the problem

just take most product guides with a grain of salt & keep asking questions if it's not clear.

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A friend of mine bought from Etronics looking for the same thing you are and got the American version instead. The poster above is correct in his assumption that they've just copied the press release for the Japanese version into their product description.

It is unlikely anything you find on sites like "pricegrabber.com" will be selling the Japanese version with the charging cradle and LCD remote.

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