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  1. I think we should write a petition or something. Sony right now is going through internal reorganization and it would be a good time to have our voices heard.
  2. RM33EL is basically the same unit that comes with the Japanese RH10. Except it has no kanji display and probably the animations are not as good but the general functions are very similar. Anyway you can get it for 15 bucks if your lucky on ebay. So it is a steal compared to the RM35ELK
  3. with ATRAC files you need a very good original copy to work with. Else the ATRAC file will sound like crap.
  4. Lol i wonder what it takes to file a class action against them But then everyone will have to buy their rh10
  5. Get the 33EL. Pretty cheap and perfect for the R910.
  6. i suspected it too, i dont want the hassel but if you did get the stuff then you shoud definitely complain. You can sue them for false advertising in fact. I would go scream at the manager (i usually hire my sister to do this, she is the pro from practicing on Verizon) but still, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  7. I dont know about which one is better but i do know that the prices you posted are rip-offs. I can get a 910 for nearly $50 less.
  8. Wont it be easier just to buy a remote with backlight?
  9. Kinda off topic but i REALLY dont get why in the hell would Sony bother to do this. Wont it be a whole damn lot easier to have it all turned on? The only reason i can think of is maybe Europe have some regulations on this. Else i dont see why Sony would bother to do this.
  10. I have like a few dozen CDs of which the track title is in Kanji and Kana. I want to transfer them to my MD however my computer have problems with Kanji support. My D-NE10 has an optical out however i have no clue if it supports Kanji or not (remote is a RM-MC33EL which doesnt support Kanji). Anyway its D-NE10 to the RH10. So im wondering if anyone here happen to own a D-NE10 as well and know if Sony turned off Kanji support on the U.S. version and anyway to turn it on? Iv the Japanese version RH10 though so thats not an issue.
  11. Maybe the firmware version of RH910 and RH10 is obviously different. Just a guess. More profitable might be a comparison beteen a RH910 and an RH910JE
  12. Quick question, would there be anything to improve on on a JE version of the RH10? Im guessing not but who knows what sony did.
  13. Well the only way to find out i guess is to compare the manuals for the two. I got a 910 manual already and since ill get the rh10 i can compare the two. I believe rh10 have virtual surround sound. 910 i know does not.
  14. lixuelai

    I'm Scared

    It should be fine, iv done that loads of times on my Aiwa PX370 years ago and the charger never fried. Most chargers probably shuts off when the voltage is too high. I believe that is so with Aiwa chargers and since Aiwa is 50% owned by Sony (last time I checked), Sony shouldnt be that different.
  15. There was one one ebay for that much. Right now there is one at $169. Close enough
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