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Which Hi-md Is Better For Live Recording?

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Are there any big differences in sound and options between these models-NH1,RH10,DH1- when live recording.

I am in Europe and I found out that I can't purchase NH1 anymore(at least where I am) so I am specially interrested in RH10 or DH1. DH1 is much more expensive so I don't know is it better for live recording then RH10.

I am clarinetist so I will need it mainly for classical chamber music.


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I think he was asking about the RH10. I can speak for that model being an excellent choice but it only records in HiMD and PCM. There is no MD recording on these units. But, then again, you can't USB upload those formats with Sonic Stage. The visual display on the RH10 when recording levels are going is almost essential for live recording. The 6 line display in the OLED glow makes it a great live recording Hi-MD. I have recorded 4 live rock/jazz shows and I have been pleased with the ease and the sound quality is no different than my old NH900. Give the RH10 a look...

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