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Battery Case

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Would the dry battery case from a nh900 do the trick? Are Himd the same?

Sorry, I do not have the NH900, thus can't confirm if its dry battery case is identical to those of NetMDs. However, I can confirm that RH10's dry battery case is not the same as NetMD's dry battery case.

If you are looking to purchase MZ-N710's dry battery case, you can order it direct from Sony DAPC for $3.54. The part number is 324589001. Of course, call in (Sony DAPC, 1-800-488-SONY (7669)) and confirm before you conclude the transaction.

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Are all the Sony battery cases universal?

Most are but there are some exceptions. Most of the units using a 3.6V lithium battery instead of an NiMH gumstick (such as those like the N10 IIRC) use a different connection and there are a few other exceptions (perhaps more now with the Hi-MD units) but for the *most part* they are the same.

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