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Hey all!

Ok here it is, the first non sony software that actually works with network walkman devices! :ol_biggrin:


Connect your network walkman and you can browse, play and EXTRACT tracks in an itunes like interface. That's right! You can extract them again to your harddrive. This software requires MP3 File Manager to be installed in the device.

This along with MP3 File Manager allows you to put and GET music back from your Network Walkman.

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Update: GYM1.13b (beta) (12/23/05)

Note: Add the two files into your GYM directory.

NEW: Version 1.12

Download here:

--> Direct link


--> Source code link:


MAJOR Improvements:

- MP3 bitrate

- Track Lenght

(these two thanks to Vovo!)

- Fixed bugs in playback.

- The title changes to show the now playing song

- Minimize to Tray is possible.

- Tray ballon information on single clicking on the icon.

- Tray tooltip for quick info on the playing track

- The playing genre, artist and album are now also highlighted in the lists.

- Context menu in the track list. (Play tracks / Save tracks)

- Possibility of playing only some of the tracks in the list.

- Playback playlist lookup, and information in the now playing area regarding previous, current and next track.

- And most of all: WEBSITE!!! :)


From there you can download the latest version, check screenshots and see interesting stuff!

You can also donate using paypal, for those interested. For those who are not, simply download the program, use it and spread it! I'll be very happy with that!


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1) Microsoft .NET Framework is required. You can download it from here:


2) Extract the ZIP file to your harddrive. A folder named GYM1.0 will be created. Inside this folder you will find 2 executable files:

GYM.exe ( the Grab Your Music browser/player/extractor)

KeyWizard.exe ( the Grab Your Music key generation wizard).

First start by running the wizard. Follow the on screen instructions.

After you are finished with the wizard start GYM and enjoy!

I'll add further instructions later if necessary.

Meanwhile the original thread: click here

Cheers :ol_smile:

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Thanks xispe!

This is brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to share your nifty utility and the tutorial with the community. Thread pinned. :ol_smile:

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Note: I've locked the thread so that this FAQ could stay that way and not get confusing with a full discussion ensuing.

*Please refer to the following thread – click here – for discussions pertaining to this guide.

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