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Rh10 Scratches

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Well, after taking very good care for my RH10 for the last 2 week's almost never letting it out of it's wallet I dicided it was time to clean it a little.

There where some smudges on it but nothing more.

I wiped it clean with some slightly moist piece of cotton.

Guess what... now there are all these tiny microscopic scratches that are clearly visible in the right light condition's.

Common this thing scratches nearly by looking at it,I was so carefull.

I wouldn't even dare to try that touthpaste trick on the RH10.

Are there any good product's recommended for this

I've rounded up a few and any experiences with these product's or similar product's are wellcome.

-Cellular phone scratch remover (I think this is too rough)


-Novus plastic scratch remover (this looks promising)


-something alike without the cloth


-Icleaner (this also looks promising)


I really hope to see those scratches dissapear again

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Yes I scratched it myself probably. And the worst thing is I got a "GBA sp" too and I never clean the screen with anything else then those special "instanet" cleaning tissues for glasses witch work's perfect.I was however so dumb to not do that with my rh10. I now need to find a way to get rid of the scratches again.

Please have a look at my link's.

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toothpaste works pretty well, too. just put a small dab of toothpaste on a q-tip, get very slightly damp, and rub in circles over the scratch. took out some scuffs on my mz-n10 lcd cover with this method (at the prompting of a minidisc t-boarder, back in the day). might be worth a try with the rh10. certainly a better price than a ~$15 "scratch removal kit"! just make sure you use regular toothpaste and not the baking soda or whitening kind - they'll have more grit and could lead to more fine scratches. regular toothpaste is very fine and worked well for me.

good luck!


ps, after that put a plastic cover on it!!! i got a couple of small, fine scrathces on my rh10 recently. i just cleaned it off with hot breath / shirt method & palced a palm pilot screen protector over the left half of my rh10. visibility is not impaired (or at least not much) and i feel confident that it will protect the oled well and for quite some time.

Also look here Novus for more detail's on the novus fine scratch remover.

This looks most interesting to me.

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I read a about a month ago a simple method to remove the micro (not big) scratches from my swatch wath "plastic glass". I think that the material used in the front of the mzrh10 is very similar to that. Use a towel (a soft one) and put some brasso on it. Now, polish your rh10 with that. It works very very good with my watch (the little scratches disappeared!) and it's a simple and cheap solution. Try that. Let me know if it works for you too.


check the first posts in here:


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To clean my RH10 I use a microfiber polishing cloth I picked up at the local $1.00 (BUCK) store and find it real good. I have used these for years now on all my stuff including my Sony 707 digital camera and have never had a problem.

I know you all have "DOLLAR" stores in your area and they all sell "MICRO FIBER" cloths for a buck. These are the same item as shown on E-BAY for $4.99.

Try them I am sure you will be impressed.

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I live in Belgium and I don't know where to get to get that microfiber cloth.

It is good for cleaning but won't get rid of any scratches.

Also I will not use toothpaste on my RH10 as the plastic surface is so soft I'm sure it will only get worse.

I'm talking about those microscopic scrtaches like the one's that show up

on your car when looking at it from an angle on a sunny day.

I will probably order the Novus Kit with all three bottles bacause I have lot's of delicate plastic stuff around the house anyway.

I've actually just ordered a mastercard to be able to buy online, I was considering getting one for some time but this pushed me over the edge.

I suppose I will have the product in about a month and I will post the result's here.I will first try it on my cellphone as it is totally scratched up anyway.

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Sorry been meaning to post this for awhile now, haven't had the time. Drop everthing and use this. I've been using this on everything from gameboys, phones, to minidisc players and remotes for years.

Get Mequiar's Mirror Glaze numbers 17 and 10. I bought em from an online car parts place (don't remember).

Use a que tip and gently rub the scratches with 17. DON'T USE ON THE LETTERS! Wipe off with a tissue. Que tip number 10. Wipe off with a tissue. Takes seconds.

It restores the clear plastic to new. And I mean it!

Keep buying minidisc players so Sony will keep makin' em'!


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I think that this problem is simply because of the nature of the OLED.

OLEDs on decks (Radios, CD players, MD decks etc.) scratch fairly easily, even when using a cloth specificaly designed for cleaning sensetive optical items such as glasses and camera lenses. I generally clean then with a slightly damp cotton cloth (or not at all if possible!)

I don't think it's a fault of the design, just one of those things.

Screen protectors (for use on digital camera LCDs) may be a good option.


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I think that this problem is simply because of the nature of the OLED.

I don't believe this for a second.

I think that this problem is simply because of the nature of the plastic Sony used on the unit's face. The OLED itself is not the entire face, and the entire face has the problem.

Considering the cost of the unit, Sony could have put an extra $2 in manufacturing them to include a scratch- and reflection- reducing coating much like they use on eyeglass lenses.

I would note that my NH700 has a clear plastic face which is highly scratch-resistant. After almost a year's use the display is unscratched and most of the visible wear on the unit is the silver finish wearing off to expose the plastic body underneath.

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I agree, why would the OLED have anything to do with the quality of the surface.

Anything transparent could have been used and they choose really soft plastic for no reason at all and didn't bother to include a protective coating.

For the price of the RH10 they should have at least done that.

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I have experience with Displex, it works very well, tried it on a completely blind fully unreadable cellphone display, after the treatment, it looked like new.

But be careful on printed areas, since it takes material off to smooth out the surface, it also takes off anything printed on.

However, I would start using it only after the surface becomes seriously scratched.

I highly recommend selfadhesive PDA-protector foil, cut down to size, before the rig gets scratched up.

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When I received my rh910, the first thing I did out of the box was put a Write Right protective film on the reflective part, including the display. These are the protective sheets used on PDAs. They were expensive ~$14 US, but I believe the package contained 10-12 sheets which have a grid to aid in cutting down to size.

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