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$0.50 (canadian) md cleaners @ wal mart

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Good deal, although a lot of people are up in the air on the validity of cleaning your lenses this way.

As it would seem to me that after multiple cleaning, it would just be pulling more dirt over the laser.

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I saw an MD cleaner at 'The Source by Circuit City' that included both a brush cleaning disc (to clean the laser head) plus a special disc that you add a cleaning fluid to (also included) and then record onto which cleans the recording head of the MD unit

Huh. I haven't seen any of those before. That might be good to try with my NH1 which has been acting up lately. I've tried using a Sony brand dry brush MD cleaning disc on it, but it hasen't made any difference. wacko.gif

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Yeah I bought one of these at my local Wal-Mart, was $1.00 though but for $1 I figured what the hell...

I always clean my units "professionally" (q-tip plus alcohol--sometimes requires partial dissasembly) but it can't hurt to have one of these since it was only $1. Might use it to clean the deck once in a while, since that one is a little bit more work to clean (you can't just open the lid and put a q-tip in there, lol).

Yeah this one is only a lens cleaner... There are head cleaners as well (only for recording units) which clean the OWH but they aren't available for $1 haha tongue.gif

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