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DVD Ripping

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drew williams

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Hi all, I am new to the group and hope this doesnt insult anyones

intelligence while asking. I have a NZ-NE410, very basic but I am very

happy with it. I do a lot of my music on DVD audio and concert on DVD

but I cant figure out how to rip the audio from them to put on mini

disk. I am coping all my cd's and transfering them to MD. Can anyone

subjest how to rip the audio from a DVD. Whick file do I need to rip,

there is two file extentions. Can this be done? Or can I transfer the audio directly by using the line out on the minidisk hooked directly to my portable DvD player?Any help on this would

be very gratefull.

Also for my birthday in a few weeks, I am going to get a HD MZ-NH600D

for home and a beautiful MZ-N510 for car and portible use. I am so

excited! I am so glad that I found a great group of enthusiastist that

have been bitten by the same bug on MD. I am starting from message 1

and reading all the post.

Drew Williams


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Hi there, welcome to the forums. :D

The MZ-NE140's only input is USB, so you will only be able to get audio onto it from SonicStage. The model lacks an optical/line in, otherwise you could record the audio from your DVD player's output.

What I would recommend is searching the web for a DVD audio ripping program. You should be able to find some free downloads. Once you have the program, simply rip the audio you want, and import the resulting audio file (probably WAV) into SonicStage, then transfer to MD.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy the new unit. Depending on what/how you want to record, you may want to consider going a step up to add an optical/line input, and/or a mic input. The NH600D, like your current unit, can only record thru SonicStage.

Here is a link to the specs for each of the HiMD units: http://www.minidisc.org/himd_table.html

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Like raintheory said, only input is USB and you can transfer files only trough SonicStage. So first of all you need to get the DVD Audio files into your computer. But DVD is little more complex than just Copy-Paste files off from DVD. I'll try to explain the theory as simple as i can.

Anyway, i assume that it is a ordinary DVD (movie or something like it).

For getting the audiofiles into your computer you need a DVD-Rom on your computer.

After you have inserted the DVD into your PC's DVD-Rom you need program called DVD Decrypter (you can get it from here), wich is freeware by the way. Now you got DVD Decrypter and DVD in your PC's DVD-Rom.

With DVD Decrypter you can select the audiostream you want under Stream Processing. If you have done that, then Decrypt it and then you have the audio file in your computer in format of .AC3, wich you need to encode into WAV, MP3 etc. For this you can use program called HeadAC3he.

After that you can just transfer the file onto your MD.

And if your computer doesn't have a DVD-Rom, then you can record the audio from DVD into your computer with ordinary DVD player and pair of cables. And again use the SonicStage after that.

I hope it helps.

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