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Can someone please comfirm this info.

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I hope this is in the right forum, sorry if is not.

Well, I just got my new deck in from an E-store on Ebay and I had ask them if this was the Japanese model and they said yes. E-store here

I got the one with the new plain remote and didn't come with a USB Cradle. I thought I post here, among all of you to double check this is not the Japanese version.

I currently checking the web to verify this info:





upc 027242664180

Part No.code 2-592-076-01

Thank you for your help, d.

Box Scan included.

Please excuse typo in title. sry.


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I dunno, but an ebay seller which obviously quotes wrong info when describing the (N-Am or Japanese) RH10 doesn't really sound convincing when he assures you it is a Japanese model IMHO

just have a look at these bits (the phat parts are my comments):

# ATRAC3plus Playback at 132, 105, 66, 64, and 48kbps --> since when is there atrac3+ @ 132? where's 256? and PCM? (granted, not an atrac3+, but one of the main advantages of HiMD I would think)

# 7 Step Speed --> NH900: yes, NH1: yes... RH10: nope

# Pitch Control: 80-110% --> see previous remark

# Sampling Rate Converter --> as in: whatever you put in, it will always become 44.1... indeed, otherwise: nope

# Built-in Alarm Function --> kinda hard as it has no clock function, only the NH1 has got one

# Automatic End Search Option --> on every technology after audio casette also known as "skip track" or "ffwd"

# Time/Date Stamp --> in SS, yes but only of uploading, on the recorder only with the NH1... again the "no-clock-thingy"

# Backlit LCD Remote --> this is outright lying as it was not a Japanese import... but I guess you found that out the hard way

# Virtual Surround Headphone Technology --> dropped after gen 1

# Light Magnesium-Alloy Casing --> underneath the softer plastic shell there is definitely aluminum, but IIRC only the NH1 had the magnesium alloy

# Charging Stand

# USB Cradle --> together with the previous point pretty confusing as the Japanese RH10 comes with one stand and the unit charges through USB as well... so which is it? never mind, as he's not selling the Japanese model

# Digital Cable --> could he be any less specific?

It's clear, this guy has thrown together the most appealing features of the RH10, NH1 and his own lively fantasy

but what's even worse... he won't accept any liability for ppl buying this stuff based on his faulty description

Furthermore, we are entirely not liable for listing errors based upon erroneous information transmitted from any relevant manufacturer of a listed product.

unless... I would love to see the Sony site that went this far out of bounds on their RH10 description :lol:

sorry ninjat., I really am not mocking you, I myself haven't got a big budget and I have bought cheaper stuff which wasn't all ok before... and honestly, $229 (with this guy) or $300 (with for example 'buyfromjapan') does make a big difference... but with a guy like Jun Ibaraki (= buyfromjapan) who has a 100% ebay rating and is praised overhere a lot, you're at least sure you're buying a genuine Japanese import with all bells and whistles (I bought my RM-MC40ELK remote from him in stead of cheaper but suspicious sellers)

anyone with such a lousy product description should be IMHO avoided like a rat with a foaming mouth and a big sign saying rabbid :lol:

besides... certainly if you still have got the communication (email/letter) in which he promises you a Japanese import, but in fact just with a copy of his ebay description as well, you could always start an ebay or paypall procedure based on the fact that the product seriously differs from the product description... he has his disclaimer, but can he show you the manufacturers source where he got the wrong info? I think not...

good luck and see you around on MDCF...

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Well, I decided to keep the unit as it is not worth the trouble returning it and started to look for a black RM-MC35ELK. So far I can't seem to find one on Ebay or Google, only the silver ones. Am I correct Sony doesn't sell them separate?

Yes, that is correct. Sony does not sell the color matching RM-MC35ELK (for the Japanese MZ-RH10) remote separately.

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