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Still confused!

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Here's why I wonder if I can upload from a non-Hi MD disk from an RH-10 via the usb cable QUICKLY...it's a quote from a message sent to me:

"Be aware that Hi-MD's are not that easy to come by -

you'd probably be better off buying a stack of MD's to

begin with, unless you plan to record long stretches

of sound in PCM.

You can also record in ATRAC3plus (the codec Sony uses

in MD/Hi-MD), and convert it to WAV in Sonicstage once

you have uploaded it. The resultant sound is not 'CD

perfect' but is still a darn sight better than WAV

recorded on a camera."

Can I still upload via the usb cable if I don't use a Hi-MD disc?

I am total new to Minidisc usage and trying to get up to speed with the basics before my Sony MZ-RH10 arrives.



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I am not sure I understand your question, but you can use the older MD disks (74min, 80min), format them Hi-MD and use them to live record and then upload to PC.

If they are formatted old-SP or Net-MD (intead of Hi-MD) then you will not be able to upload.


PS:Tommypeter was faster!!!

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From what I've read about the RH10, it will not record SP/LP2/LP4 through the mic/line-in ports therefore your recording should be one of the formats introduced with the HiMD recorders that will upload.

To upload via USB, you will need to install Sonic Stage (should be provided on a CD with your MD recorder) to a computer with at least the requirements specified by the user's manual and it should be fine. It should be even more fine if you install Sonic Stage 3.3, the most recent version of the program. I say "should" as there are some reports of bugs, but that tends to happen so you shouldn't consider that a negative until it happens to you. Equipment varies so widely that it's difficult to presume whether you'll be fine or not. There has been no huge world turning discoveries of rootkits in the program so it should be safe... (if any one says "famous last words" there's a 2x4 that would like to meet you :P )

With regards to the disc you can upload from, it's as the above posts say.

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