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  1. I don't think there's much to do. Either it works from the beginning, or not - there aren't any settings to change toget the remote to work with more players.
  2. I didn't even know there were other colours but the silver I have... That was a terribly disorganized site, btw.
  3. When I import some mp3 tracks into Sonicstage 4.3 and then try to convert and concurrently put those tracks on an Hi-MD disc in Hi-LP (using a NH-900, NH-1, whatever) SonicStage almost immediately crashes. Can't Sonicstage handle vbr files? If so, what would be the best bet for a temporary, in-between conversion that keeps the tag info?
  4. Still one left. I have too many other Hi-MD's (3*NH600, NH900, 2*NH1, DH10) I don't need one more... ;-)
  5. That Sony chart is well away from reality.
  6. At least before they shipped worldwide, though only by courier (fast, but expensive)
  7. ABT ( http://www.abtelectronics.com/product/27148.html ) still has it at USD$287...
  8. There's nothing that suggests that Sony uses anything but the compiler for testing.
  9. You could check at TNT Audio: http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/solidstate.html ...but if you look around more at the site, you'll find the recommendation for the T-amp: http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/t-amp_e.html ...and suddenly DIY doesn't seem that invitating...
  10. It's not so much "Space Preserving" since it includes both a (compressed) lossless as well as a 352 kbps lossy part in the Atrac Lossless file...
  11. Better upload the SP tracks to PCM/WAV and edit by a standard audio editing program.
  12. No, with a Hi-MD I can't see any reason for upgrading from 3.4 to 4.0.
  13. Since you're in Europe you also have the MZ-NH600 (not MZ-NH600D) as a cheaper choice, but only if you have a self-powered microphone since the NH600 only has a line in and no mic in. I paid around £35 last year for mine.
  14. Thanks for the info - I can just say "Eeek!" about Eek Technology's business ethics, giving me a total price for a DH10P including shipping to Sweden and when I accepted that they said they couldn't accept it... Very easy to order/pay at Minidisc Canada using PayPal
  15. Now up to $259.95, for me I would also have to add a "$25 incoming money wire fee" and shipping to Sweden. If unlucky, then customs and our high VAT. No MZ-DH10P for me.
  16. Their shipping policies mainly say that "It is too late to receive an order by Christmas!!", but if you try to order and get it shipped outside North America it won't work...
  17. I have a Sony Ericsson P900, which is a couple of years older technology than the W900 with max 128MB MS Duo. A DVD shrunk to fit into 128MB isn't any good, but the better quality option (taking around 150-200MB depending on movie length) is surprisingly good. Also the sound in the earphones. I have watched several DVD movies on it, no fatigue, even subtitles were clearly readable. I had no sync issues whatsoever, however P900 uses a different format (though there may be mpeg4 hidden inside anyway).
  18. Car's included. A home deck would be interesting for me, could replace the JB-940.
  19. If you mean NetMD discs, you can just reformat them to Hi-MD format. They will then hold almost twice as much as before and also allow you to upload your recordings.
  20. No, I haven't heard that it has changed. Having ATRAC Lossless (at least if it's the same as in 3.3) is similar to having one FLAC version and one lossy ATRAC3+ version of the song, the positive difference is only that you have one file for each song instead of two. If it was just a bug that should be corrected the lossy part of the file would be useless. The lossless part would then be used both for playback on computer and to convert from when transfering to Minidisc. The only reason for taking up the extra storage would be if you often transfer/erase because you have very few discs, if you want to have the same bitrate as already the lossy part is encoded into it could be transfered without any conversion at transfer time.
  21. You could always try to re-transfer the same tracks (the one's you re-upped, not the originals ) one more time and check if they will change somewhat every time or only after the first transfer
  22. Thanks for that graph, actually it shows more difference between 256 and 352 than I thought (and that meaning less difference between 352 and original than I thought) - 352 seems to be able to replace PCM for those very complicated classical tracks where 256kbps isn't quite enough.
  23. Also, how well is your Denon MD recorder isolated from the shelf (or whatever it's on)? Are you using Toslink (optical) cables?
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