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Selling minidisc players and recorders!

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Here are minidisc recorders and players that I don't use anymore so they're up for sale. I know there aren't very many who follow or use the md format, but if you're one of them, you can find some nice gear here! I have to admit that this is my first selling transaction; however I have excellent buying feedback here:




All prices are negotiable and I can take paypal or cashier's check.

Sony MZ-R50 (Silver): . This has the external dry cell AA battery case (holds 2 AA batteries), 120V AC adaptor optical cable Sony MD felt bag. This is also an SP unit that plays fantastic. There are some scuff marks near the side of the battery case attachment but they’re minimal and scratches are very few and far between, and they really don’t take away from the aesthetics of the machine. The condition of this unit is about an 8.7 out of 10.

Price: $100 incl. s/h

Sharp Auvi MD-DR77 (Black!): This was my baby for a long time! I used to record concerts as well as business meetings with this. This is an MDLP recorder. It’s very well taken care of and includes the remote, 100V AC adaptor, I’m also including a 110~130V -> 100V AC transformer, dry cell AA battery case, supplied Ni-MH battery, docking station, supplied 4 pole Sharp earbuds, instruction manual, and Sharp felt bag. The condition of this unit would be 9.5/10.

Price: [sOLD]

Sharp Auvi MD-DS70 (White)/JVC XM-PX5 player Combo!: The DS70 is in immaculate condition. This is an MDLP player. It includes the remote, Sharp 4pole earbuds, Sharp felt bag, docking station, 100V-240V Power adapter, Sharp NiMH gumstick battery, AA external battery case.

The JVC unit is bare bones. It’s about a 8.5/10 condition, but only includes the remote, and the Ni-MH battery. You’ll need a charger or another unit to charge the battery for this JVC. THIS IS AN SP UNIT (no mdlp here). It’s fully functional and plays great!

Price for this combo is: SOLD!!

MD-MT770 (Pink!): This is also MDLP. It includes remote, USB connection kit AD-USB1 (w/optical cable), gumstick battery, gumstick battery holder, external dry cell AA battery pack, Charging stand/ac adapter (world model, but the US adapter is included), and black slightly padded Sharp case, manual for unit & USB kit. This is in great condition with very very few scratches. The sheen is fantastic and it plays and records phenomenally. I’d rate it a 9/10 condition

Price: $120 incl s/h

I want to emphasize that these units are in great condition and fully functional. They're just collecting dust here so they must go. All offers are being considered.

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