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  1. correct me if i'm wrong but the 330 is stereo-recording only (tho it will play mono)--at least mine won't rec. in mono.
  2. Creo que el Aiwa tiene similaridades con el Sony MZ-DN430. Hay que transferir por computadora--no se puede grabar por otras fuentes. Dudo que el AM-NX9 tenga un valor especialmente grande para las coleciones-aparte del diseno/los colores brillantes. ?Vale 40EUR (~50 USD?)? Quiza. Apenas encuentro yo productos de minidisc en las tiendas cerca de mi; asi si yo fuera tu, !SI lo compraria! que tengas exito con minidisc!
  3. Oh--so Auvi doesn't just specify the headphone amp but also the recorder's mic circuit/a-d converter?
  4. On the back of my DS70 (and pics of other models I've seen of Auvis) is a "Minidisc" logo, an "MDLP" logo and a nifty "JQA" that I'd never seen on others. Does this correlate to an Auvi sound enhancement?
  5. Hello; I was just checking to see whether anyone had a spare MD Mic-recording unit lying about(really the only thing my NF610 can't do!)--preferably MDLP and gumstick-powered. (Though I'm not looking for a mint collector's piece). Thanks! -pitchbend
  6. *Has anyone tried playing a dvd in the dvd-rom drive and recording from a usb>toslink adapter? I've several dvd's I'd like sound from...Thanks.
  7. is that cast aluminum stuck between the clear plastic?! And, I thought TDK only did that on their premium Metal-position tapes! Is anyone itching to part with one?
  8. Sorry, ipod--you still don't support seamless track playback(last time I checked--can anyone verify?)--so my DJ mixes are staying on MD...8)
  9. Please excuse the questions; I'm just starting out: trying to find a good first personal player. Do the R900's, then, record from optical, analog, mics, and computer? Can you transfer to SP via computer? And a nifty mz-1; Do many units have both optical in and out? Where are you? Thanks.
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