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Duplicate Tracks SS3.4

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Uh. Select the dupes and hit "delete"?

The tracks are likely duplicates due to importing an M3U playlist which contains a song(s) already in your library. I have also experienced this. If you happen to delete the "wrong" duplicate (ie. the one representing the song from the M3U playlist which was imported) suddenly the song is no longer in that playlist. I find this "duplicates" issue/bug to be most annoying, and I am surprised the developers did not catch that.

When I installed SS 3.4, I imported all my music files into the newly created library. Feeling a little empty since I always used Media Player, I decided to import several of my playlists from Media Player (ie. M3U playlists). After that was completed, whenever I search on any of the songs in these playlists, I now see two entries identical. Delete the wrong one, and it also removes the entry from the respective playlist where the song existed.

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You can probably sort by "date imported" using the All Tracks view, and select the dupe tags more easily.

It is a bug if adding the same MP3 directly with the file and again through a playlist makes duplicate entries ..

Another case where this can happen is if you have both MP3 and atrac3plus versions of some files when rebuilding a library.

You should head over http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=14296 and add this to the list in the post.

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