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  1. couldn't agree more. Samsung has thrived thanks to it's lack of connections with (read: restrictions from) the music & movie industries
  2. 1. no 2. no 3. yes 4. no 5. no 6. no 7. no 8. no I've never had any issues with mine - it gets a hell of a lot of use in my car every day...
  3. I know that neither would ever be released at this stage - but I would've bought both without hesitation
  4. Agreed... they really are bullet proof, I have loads on the floor of my care, always get stepped on by passengers, roasted by the sun, drinks spilt on them - they all continue to play flawlessly
  5. I'd like to see Italy or Spain win it - I was in Italy when they won '82
  6. Don't underestimate peoples taste in music around here I have the 6 PJ albums that were released on MD, have been reading good things about the new one. Looking forward to hearing it
  7. great news indeed, thanks Chris, any word on a european release?
  8. got your disc the other day Matt - some great tunes on there, thanks
  9. nice photos... what's the price like? how much would shipping be to Europe or the US?
  10. excellent taste as always ish... I have that album, it's a classic!
  11. nice camera!! it takes CF & XD: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympuse500/
  12. sorry Ish, I haven't bid on it... It's currently $9.99 if anyone is interested
  13. 5866361521 JVC Portable MD recorder with touch screen display... nice!
  14. sure do... Pink Floyd - The Wall & Jeff Wynne's War of the Worlds go for similar amounts too I paid £10 for copy of History... not sealed tho
  15. Hi There. my library has a stack of tracks twice... any quick way of deleting the duplicates? Cheers, gaz
  16. garyc

    Damn AAC files!

    Thanks for that Dex... dbPoweramp worked a charm thanks sparks..
  17. yeah, they sound great on my 980
  18. garyc

    Damn AAC files!

    my bro sent me a disc full of these! How can I convert them to mp3? I want to add them to SS, but it doesn't recognise the format
  19. Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirmary 1. Private Eye 2. Mr. Chainsaw 3. Take Lots With Alcohol 4. Stupid Kid 5. Another Innocent Girl 6. Steamer Trunk 7. You're Dead 8. Armageddon 9. I'm Dying Tomorrow 10. Bloodied Up 11. Trucks And Trains 12. Crawl Going to see them next week
  20. sounds good! Although i recorded mine in SP.. is that a problem for you?
  21. Hi Rob, They haven't been manufactured since early 2001... Your best bet is ebay, also worth a look is amazon uk.. they list over 900 pre-recorded md's... they don't have too many in stock, but plenty of people sell theirs on thorugh amazon... I've bought a few of mine that way.. works out great hope this helps, gary
  22. great pics Rich, thanks for posting... looks amazing!
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