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  1. couldn't agree more. Samsung has thrived thanks to it's lack of connections with (read: restrictions from) the music & movie industries
  2. 1. no 2. no 3. yes 4. no 5. no 6. no 7. no 8. no I've never had any issues with mine - it gets a hell of a lot of use in my car every day...
  3. I know that neither would ever be released at this stage - but I would've bought both without hesitation
  4. Agreed... they really are bullet proof, I have loads on the floor of my care, always get stepped on by passengers, roasted by the sun, drinks spilt on them - they all continue to play flawlessly
  5. I'd like to see Italy or Spain win it - I was in Italy when they won '82
  6. Don't underestimate peoples taste in music around here I have the 6 PJ albums that were released on MD, have been reading good things about the new one. Looking forward to hearing it
  7. great news indeed, thanks Chris, any word on a european release?
  8. got your disc the other day Matt - some great tunes on there, thanks
  9. nice photos... what's the price like? how much would shipping be to Europe or the US?
  10. excellent taste as always ish... I have that album, it's a classic!
  11. nice camera!! it takes CF & XD: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympuse500/
  12. sorry Ish, I haven't bid on it... It's currently $9.99 if anyone is interested
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