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OLED dead

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Well, I've been using MD for a long time now, basically to record my mixes and podcasts.

My RH10 was very reliable, with great sound quality. I learned to deal with all the uploading restrictions and the extra steps of converting to WAV, editing, converting again to MP3 etc.

Anyway. Just as I found out the new version of SS, and had my hopes up about the format, my OLED display died on me. I noticed some "dead pixels" (not sure if that's technically correct) and then, a few hours afterwards, it just went dead. The unit seems to be stil working, and I can hear the disc wheezing in there when I press play. But the display does not work.

I used it mostly with the AC adapter, and this meant the display was on most of the times I was recording. Is it possible that this may have something to do with my problem?

Has anyone had the same problem?



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Sorry to hear about that. I suppose your RH10 is around a year old ?

Could the RH10 still be used with an LED remote like a RM-MC35elk? (obviously you would want Sony to fix the OLED).

Can't recall Sony stating the display life of the OLED anywhere.

Hopefully more than a year.

Makes you wonder about Sony's E400/500 & A1000/3000/600 OLED Walkmen too.

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From previous reading there were a few things I gleaned about OLED. They may in fact be incorrect as I'm working from memory, which is of course fallible:

Blue OLED was reported as having the shortest life; last estimates I read from research were around 10,000 hours, though; at the time of the research [sometime in 2003 if I'm not mistaken] companies working on OLED were waiting to increase lifespan and quality control in production before actually using them in consumer devices.

sete: did your RH10 go through any rough handling before this happened? The display controller is possibly connected to the display itself by means of a ribbon cable, which may have come dislodged from its connector. [That said, Ill note that the LCD displays in Sony units I've disassembled, including the NH700, are soldered to the same circuit board as their controller, so this is iffy at best.]

I would look into warranty coverage if it still applies. If you bought your unit from another country, the cost of return-shipping to Sony might give you warranty coverage [some companies let warranty apply as long as service is performed in the country of purchase].

If your warranty is expired, it might be less expensive to replace the unit than to have it serviced.

In any case, I would suggest contacting Sony to at least ascertain what your options are. If they refer you to a local service depot, ask for an estimate first.

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Well, I live in Brazil, and I had a friend bring me the unit from the US some 10 months ago. I'll have to check about the warranty, but it probably won't cover the shipping charges, not to mention the hassle of sending it abroad for repair etc.

I was by no means a heavy user, so I doubt it's a problem of the OLED dying peacefully in its sleep... :P Nor did I drop it, as far as I can remember. As I said, it happened while I was recording a DJ set in a club. I left it on top of some equipment (amp or compressor, whatever), but again I doubt this has something to do with it. I had placed it in the exact same spot a few times.

I'll try to check with local support, but I'm not having big expectations, as this model was not officially launched here.

When I get home I'll try to record using the remote, but I don't think it will give me the level readings, which are sooooo important.

Anyway, thanks for all the replies, and if I find something new I'll let you know.


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Curiosity's sake update:

The RH10 service manual shows the display as being mounted directly on the "PANEL [uPPER] SECTION" PCB [see page 49]. So, no dice on any possibility of dislodged ribbons. [There is a ribbon between the PANEL PCB and the logic board in the bottom of the unit, but this isn't dislodged, otherwise your buttons wouldn't be working.]

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Near the ocean?

Salty air can cause corrosion.


Well, we do have a huge coast, but unfortunately I don't live nowhere near the beach, so no, not corrosion either.

And before someone asks, no wild Indians have played with it, nor did I drop it into the Amazon river.


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