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    Ha TBR, you've 3xE10s in your signature already
  2. Neat setup. The NH700/F800 has a comfortable chunky feel in the hand. Interesting, I didn't realise that they had the same remote socket. The NHF800 has a VPF accoustic engine. Don't know if this makes any difference to the sound ?
  3. Both colours look great but I'm glad I went for the silver over the blue. I think the NH3D really my favourite of all my MD units. It feels nice to hold. TBR your photos really do justice to a good looking machine.
  4. Good pictures TBR & Raintheory of a very nice unit. The all silver one looks pretty good although the dark blue casing around TBR's is very stylish. The engraved logo and lettering are more appealing with out the black colouring applied. Thanks for sharing. I'm sort of glad it isn't Hi-MD which helps reduce the 'I want one' factor only slightly.
  5. I ordered some TDK MDs (Clef & Wa) sometime ago and his service was fast, efficient and very well priced.
  6. bogon07

    I'm back at it

    If you're interested in the EX90s then have a look at the Ex85s which are supposed to be a cheaper version of them and are available in four colours too.
  7. Same as Sector (Australian version too) could not detect any bumps or depressions under the label.
  8. My wife's NHF800 has good reception in Australia. The tuner remote is fairly bulky though.
  9. A new downloader would be nice.....DH1. More useful than a player only, anyway they released two of those (EH50/70)just before the RH1. doomlordis, any estimates for the release date. Somewhere around June/July2007 perhaps ?
  10. Ishiyoshi , Fantastic photos as usual. The Red MZ-DH10P/R looks gorgeous, such a pity it wasn't more readily available over the world.
  11. Robin, thanks for such a detailed and descriptive review of the Onkyo MD-105FX Good pictures too. Hope your display problem is rectified soon.
  12. Great pictures in a very stylish gallery. That Sony logo came out so well it looks like a graphic. Nicely stacked piles of MDs too.
  13. The pale green is nice. Ishiyoshi, Were these released in 2006 or are they from your archives ?
  14. Congratulations Bland, Only blue & silver and you would have the complete set of EH50. As usual it is always a pleasure to see your pictorials. Once again great colour co-ordination between your figurines and MDs. If only Sony included figurines of that quality with their MDs as limited editions. The walkman logo on the white unit looks fantastic but there is not enough contrast on the pink unit for my liking.
  15. As an example of what is still available try AudioCubes (note they have MD players & MD recorders in separate categories) The NH3D is still available in the MDrecorder group. http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Home,+Portable+Audio.html While most Sony MD units use the same mini-plug on the unit side of the USB cable there are several models which have a different connector such as the NH1, EH1 & NH3D and then the DH10P which has a different one again. To complicate matters further some will recharge rechagable batteries via the USB connection and others don't.
  16. t_kogyo, You're building up a nice little collection of MDplayers. They certainly used a bit of artistic licence when calling the MZ-EH70 "black" especially when compared to the RH1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your EH70 as we don't see too many of those.
  17. When you are using this USB cable does the mz-rh910's display indicate that something is being tranferred or is connecting to the PC. Maybe it is just the disc that is damaged; have you tried another one ?
  18. Really good advice. It is much faster and also saves wear on your MD unit's buttons. I'm sure using the unit for titling was what caused the buttons on my old MZ505 to malfunction and these functions now have to be accessed via a remote.
  19. Nice pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Good to see the RH1 population growing. But now you need a black iPod. The 30 TDK discs plus the Hi-MD disc will keep you busy for a while. Did the snazzy black MC55ELK remote come with your RH1 ? Mine came with a EL38. - just saw the note about the RM-MC55ELK at T-board.
  20. The Sony Central Shop in WorldSquare Sydney has a picture of the RH1 on display advising it is available for pre-order @ $599
  21. Maybe the "Charging ...min left" display is only calibrated for full power charging via the adaptor and doesn't display as the USB port charging is variable due to various power demands on a PC. eg a laptop running off it's battery.
  22. Great news to see some new 2006 blanks and striking designs too. But why are bothering to release the 74 minute variants as well as the 80minute ones?
  23. Congratulations on your new addition. The EH1 epitomises understated elegance. Nice pictures.
  24. Does your RH1 charge ok when connected to the AC power adaptor rather than your PC ?
  25. From the manual: "You must attach the ferrite core to comply with the applicable EMC standards. Be sure to connect them when using the recorder with a computer. If not there is no need to connect them." Sony includes them to say it is complying with a bunch of vague electro-magnetic interference standards depending on which country you're using it in.
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