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i killed my disk?

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i think i once read a thread like this, but i don't know where it is or what the solution was...

anyways, i deleted things this morning on a 1gb disc (does anyone else ever get a 'ghost copy' of a folder they delete, and then you have to re-delete that one?), and then i added a few folders when i was done. seems all good, but then when i went to play it, the disc says "cannot record or play" or something like that. and when i look at it in SS, the folder images show up but with NO titles for any of the names. also, i can't delete them, and if i click to see the files in the folder, they all come out blank, too.

the little switch at the bottom of the disc is okay for recording still.... i don't know what to do!

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Sorry, i should have done it in the first place.

I don't know what model you use, but on my NH700 you have to press the "navi/menu" button for approx. 2 seconds, choose "edit" -> "format". This will erase all information on the disc and you have to refill it from scratch. There's also an "initialize" function somewhere in Sonicstage, which works basically the same way.

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