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Some questions on SS transfer results

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After installing and some using of SS I`ve discovered that:

1. I can transfer songs from my PC to MD as many times as I want

2. I can edit titles of tracks on MD transfered by SS

3. I can reorder tracks positions

4. I CAN NOT DELETE tracks recorded by SS using my MD player, I can delete them only using SS

are all of these right?

And there is one question more:

Can I delete SS recorded tracks on any PC has installed SS? or it`s possible on PC I have recorded from only?

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Thanks to all for help.

I`ve founded, that music recorded from any PC by SS can not be deleted by player, but can be deleted on any PC has SS installed on.

Still thinking... continue to use Dino`s process, or start to use SS.

That's not totally true. I can delete any track, whether or not it was recorded by PC, using my RH10 or RH910. Not a problem anymore.

However, I cannot do this with my MZ-S1, so it's a hardware issue, not software that keeps the PC tracks from being deleted by the older MD units. Just that old black magic (aka DRM) getting in the way!!! :wacko:

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Anyway, I`ve compared sound recorded by SS (on my mzn707) with sound recorded using Dino`s principle - they are not seems different. SS decodes my mp3s direct to MD, while Dino`s type recording transcodes mp3s to wav first, and then NetMD Simple Burner transcodes WAVs to MD. Using second method I`ve no DRM restriction and much more titling capabilities, while SS transfers only track Titles. For example, I had to spend about 10 minutes to edit track titles (made by SS in 'Title' maner) make them in "Artist - Title" like maner. Is there any other method to do this less problemly?

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