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Looks like you're trying to use one adapter for all your units instead of two. If that's the case, you can get a universal adapter. RadioShack has one:

radioshack power adapter

IPB Image

You can see in its technical specs that it can provide both 3V and 6V.

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Just make sure you check your devices for the amperage draw. Make sure the universal adapter is rated to handle at least the highest amp drawing device and you will be okay.

I do have to add that I don't like universal adapters becuase it is to easy to forget to change the voltage and fry one of your devices.

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Yeah, I made sure on the amperage. The one I've shown has an AC 110-120V and DC 3-7.5V (2.0A). It's actually made for digital cameras. Someone in one of the forums suggested it for Japanese models.

I bought it because my NH1 and NH3D came with the 100V Japanese adaptors and I didn't want to take a chance on using them in the US (I read a lot of threads on T-Board about this, some of which you posted in and helped me greatly :D ).

I keep it on the 6V setting all the time and never use it for my 3V units because I use an external battery charger for them.

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