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Blanks at B&Ms?

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My Hi-MD portable came in the mail today. I know where I can order blanks online but was wondering if anyone can shed some light on where i might find 1gb Hi-MD blanks at retail stores (I live in CT USA). Checked Best Buy and Circuit City this weekend w/ no luck. I'm anxious to test this sucker out with a 1gb disc and don't want to wait for the blanks I'm ordering to arrive.


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Cool - I'll stop and check on the way home.

This is what happened when I called them.

Me: Hi - do you stock Blank Hi-MD minidiscs?

Radio Shack - Ummm..mini...?

Me: Minidiscs.

Radio Shack: Hang on....(puts me on hold).

Radio Shack: Mini-DV?

Me: No..Minidiscs...for portable minidisc recorders.

Radio Shack: Ummm..not uhh, I don't think we have that.

Remember when the Radio Shack guys used to know about electronics?

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Last I checked, none of my local Radio Shack locations were even listed on their site as having 1GB discs in stock - in fact, the two stores in my neighborhood have never had them, period. IIRC, they were listed as being "discontinued."

I could be wrong, though - it's worth a double-check. Too bad Wal*Mart doesn't carry them, but then again, I think I'm about the only person who even buys their 80-minute MD's anymore :lol:

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Remember when the Radio Shack guys used to know about electronics?

Haha, no doubt. I went to Radio Shack to get an AC adaptor for my Japanese MD units. I asked the guy there about the different adaptors and he asked what it was for. I told him, "It's for my minidisc recorder." He goes, "Oh, those can make much better quality videos compared to the old 8mm camcorders."

I haven't seen any 1gb discs anywhere around here either. Just the 80 min ones - Sony Colors at WalMart and Sony Gold and TDK at BestBuy.

Congrats on your new Hi-MD!

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Ususally (at least in the UK) no probs getting the 74 / 80 min discs. These work well at Hi-SP --you don't have to get the 1GB ones which are a bit harder to find.

However buying on the Internet is easy enough and usually deliveries are within a day or two.



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This thread brings up a rant and a suggestion from me. I live in Charlestown,WV, there is a high end home theater shop down town. I was in there a little while back and saw that they carried minidisc portables, spefically they had the RH910. So a week ago I received a bonus check from work so after much arguing with the wife about how she thought that I was crazy for paying $200 for something like this, off I went to the store.

So I get there and the sales person hands me out the 910, it was in a glass display case, who trys to exlains the merits of the NH600D they also have, get this they want a $179 for it, luckly the truth worked best I replied that I already own it also.

So anyways I notice a 8pk of regular MDs and some loose ones in the display case, so I figured the only stupid question is the one that remains unasked. I ask " Do you happen to have any of the 1gig MDs somewhere that I'm not looking", now here's where it gets good he replys "Yeah, we have some in the back". Ok now I'm thinking that sure sells alot of the product setting in the back.

So he comes out with a entire box of 5 1gig disc. So he explains that they wan't $8 apiece, so after the intial ticket shock I thought for the convience of it was worth the couple extra bucks a disc. So he pulls one disc out, the new Blue ones at that, I'm like " Just give me the whole box". The whole time I'm thinking they really don't want to sell nothing here.

It gets better, so I go to cash out, it comes $256 dollars, I was very happy, RH910 + 5 1gig discs. So I ask him how long of a notice they would need if I want to order more of the disc, his reply "none we have at least a few more boxes in the back".

You got to love people who don't even want to sell their own product, did I mention they're a offical Sony Representive store!

So if you have any audio shops in your area that are a Sony Representive store you may want to try to ask them.POE

P.S. ewrann what unit did you buy?

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Poe - I got the NH700 (European model) for $125 new off Ebay. It arrived yesterday. I haven't owned an MD portable since my Sharp MT15 died several years ago. I'm having fun messing around with this thing. Pretty neat! I'm recording a show next month which is why I decided to pick one up.

Anyway -

I called a few more Radio Shacks in the area and got the same responses. One of the reps even said "You mean the 1.44 meg floppy disk?". Sigh.

I stopped at Target, Wal-Mart, Strawberries, Tweeter Etc. and Coconuts on the way home. They all ONLY had the standard 80 minute MD's. No luck finding any 1 Giggers locally. Incidentally - I called all of the above prior to going and with the exeption of Coconuts they all told me they had NO MD blanks at all.

Looks like I'll be ordering online!

For some reason I have this mental block where I can only stomach spending less than $6 each (shipped) of the 1GB. I've done a bunch of price checks and comparisons on Ebay and the usual online retailers.

Best price I've found is at coconuts.com. $5.99 each - first time buyer discount of 10% and free shipping and I'll be "out the door" for $5.39 each.

When I was going to all those local stores last night I was having fantasies of finding a pile of them marked down w/ clearence prices of $3 each.. haha.

Based on the direction MD is headed in I don't see the prices of blank 1gbs dropping like the old standard ones have. Prob best to buy up as many as I think I'll ever need.


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