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'An Error Occurred While Transferring.'

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I get this error when trying to upload a simple PCM recording I made from the TV just now using my RH10.

Is there actually a way around this or am I destined to just forget about this recording with this half-ass heap-o-sh*t software?

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Same thing happened to me with a live concert recording I had made using my NH900, on a disc which I had previously used many times without problems. It failed to upload one (the second) of four tracks on the Hi-MD. The rest went fine.

I tried to rename the track, move it out of the group, etc. to no avail.

Opted to try playing the track on the NH900 and recording in real time via USB using Total Recorder. The track was 16 minutes long. It played until about the 12 minute point, at which time the MD just stopped playback...no error message or nuthin. I fiddled around with the playback progress slider in Sonic Stage (same version as yours). It seems there was a segment of the track about 25 seconds long, which just would not play back for inexplicable reasons (I'm speculating some type of data corruption or physical damage?)...I incrementally moved the slider ahead a few seconds each time, and playback would try to start, then just stop. I finally reached a point where playback would resume normally through the rest of the track. That point was about 25 seconds after the glitch began. I resumed recording the rest of the track from that point forward, then combined them in Nero Wave Editor. *Fortunately* the music at either end of the splice was close enough to make the resulting edited track sound passable.

My conclusion is that it's a disc and/or a recording problem that has nothing to do with Sonic Stage.

So, try playing back the troublesome track on the RH10 with Sonic Stage while it's connected via USB. You might be able to salvage it by recording in real-time and finding/bypassing a bad part of the recording as described above.

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