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Wow, a high quality CD ripper for your stereo

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Since a lot of people here like high quality stuff I thought I'd mintion this, umm what would you call it, jukebox for your stereo.

It sounds kind of cool... I kind of want one, but the $2,999.99 price tag kind of scares me.

Well anyway it's called the Opus form Olive. It has a cd/rw drive in it and also a 400gb hard drive in it. It rips your music directly to Flac (which is lossless if you didn't know) and clames it holds about 1,1000 cd's in it losslessly. It also records to MP3 and play's MP3, Ogg and Aac format's.

It also has a RCA line in (gold plated) for recording from anything else. Also has a gold plated analog line-out, optical and coaxial. It also has USB 1.1/2.0 so you can upload/download to your computer too.

Another neat feature is that it says that it has wi-fi or eithernet so you can stream the music to anyplace else in your house too.

It says this too "Accurate recording from a variety of external devices such as MiniDisc, DVD and DAT"

It sounds amazing to me, I've been wanting something kind of like this for my stereo for a while; where I can rip my CD's to my stereo without a computer, and better yet it's lossless.

Oh, you probaly wanting a link by now. :yes:

Well here it is:

Wait for it:

Wait a little longer:

Almost there:

Ok sorry :wacko: :


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Their site is a little skimpy on the menu navigation and ripping/tagging options on the unit. Seems like a hefty price tag for a device with no internal backup and limited storage, is it really worth that much extra to not have a PC running? You could accomplish this with an old Windows or Unix PC in the basement and a Squeezebox for less than a quarter of the price while maintaining the same audio quality. The PC portion of the equation lends itself well to the ripping and tagging, not to mention backup. Plus that ripped collection is then available for other uses away from the stereo (laptop, MD, whatever). It sucks spending hours/days/weeks ripping and tagging your collection only to have a harddrive crash wipe it all out.

Just my $.02

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The Teac DJ-101 digital jukebox (40gB mp3 format) was cleared here for the equivalent of about 120 pounds sterling. We have one and ripped most of our non-classical CDs onto it. Very handy for a member of the family who has a disability making it hard to handle normal CDs. Its playlist facility is useful for dinner party music. But most people would probably just plug their iPod into the hifi instead.

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