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{...MZ-R700...} can't record in stereo

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Hello! This is my first time posting on these forums.

Anyways, i just purchased a sony MZ-R700 from a friend @ school. ( 30$ :D ) I have never used a MD player before so bear w/ me, but i really like the technology. I have tried recording via the (optical) line in thru both my sound card (via the 1/8" miniplug) and my record player ( via the 1/8" plug to RCA ). Now with both recording methods, i have been unable to record w/ any mode other then MONO. LP2, LP4, and NORMAL recording modes will only produce sound from one earphone. My quistion is, can i only record in MONO from analogue sources, or is something else up? I am going to get a 1/8" mini-plug to digital, but it will be awile before i can get it.

I really want to be able to record in stereo, as i feel im losing a lot of sound quality w/ mono..... any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

on a side note, i just hacked the mz-r700 to the mz-r900. score.

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Welcome to MD.

The unit should record in stereo.

So try to narrow down the possibilities.

It could be the cord: try a different one. Make sure it's a stereo cord, with two rings around the plug (like your headphone plug), not one. It would be great if you've accidentally been using a mono cord instead of a stereo one.

It could also be a problem with the Line-in jack,which would require a repair and is probably not worth the cost. To test, try the microphone input as an alternative. If you don't have a stereo microphone (again, two rings around the plug), then plug your headphones--yes, your headphones--into the mic jack and record yourself yelling at them. (Headphones can work as low-level microphones.) See if that plays back in stereo.

It seems from your description that you can hear a mono recording in both headphones, so at least the headphone jack is working.

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