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OGG Vorbis CD Ripper

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Does anyone here know of a good ogg vorbis CD ripper with multi-artist titling support?





(For Windows by the way!) :P I gave up on linux! lol

- 2 Edit: It it has FLAC support even better! :)

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Doesn't EAC do this properly? I mean, I've used it for such with FLAC and MP3. I just don't recall if the tags were 100% right off the bat because I almost always mass-edit them with MP3BookHelper or Foobar2000 after encoding anyway.

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I don't know if EAC supports multi artists?

But besides that,

1, when I use EAC I get a slight echo on the left sterio of the sound that sounds really artificial (at some points) - If its just me it might be the artist (Steps) some of there tracks, just it dousn't show up on rippers like WinAmp, Real and CDex?

2, I can't get it to work with ogg or flac?

Edit: I got Ogg working in EAC thanks - With Multi-Artist

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