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what new hi-md should i buy

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I have a MZ-NH600 which is a nice little HI-MD and has served me well but i'm looking to switch/upgrade to something new but i don't really know much about any other models of HI-MD players And was wondering if i could get any help on chosing one. All i do is transfer mp3's. i would like to get a sony again and one that i can use my RM-MC33EL remote with and also it must have a decent screen size. Other features are not an issue too much.

Any sugestions would be a great help.

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Since you'll just be transferring mp3 files, a downloader-only unit would work. I'd look into the MZ-DH10P. It has a full color screen, displays album art, and can take pictures, too (if you're into that). It can play mp3 and ATRAC3+. It also has Sony's HD digital amp for better sound quality and connects to USB using a nice cradle. As far as I know, Sony remotes are interchangeable between units. My 33EL works on my EH1/NH3D/NH1 with no problems. Check it out here:


Edit: Just FYI, only Sony makes Hi-MD portables. Onkyo is the only manufacturer that I know of who makes Hi-MD decks. With Hi-MD right now, your choices are kind of limited - no Hi-MD Sharp, Panasonic, etc. Good luck.

Edit2: I forgot to mention. If price is a factor with you, the RH10/M100, RH910/M10, and DH10P can be found online for around the same price. (~US$200)

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I think i like the RH10, it seem best for me as an upgrade from my NH600. The DH10P is good but the camera is too much for me and i'd never use it.

I think i'll keep my NH600 as a spare/back unit as it has got me into HI-MD'S and withstood pleanty of bumps and a few accidental drops and has served me well

thanx for your advice.

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Dr Dann: PotAYtoes. PotAHtoes. :P Take a look here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH600D.html

Variants (of the MZ-NH600D):

* N. American models ("MZ-NH600D") have no audio inputs (not optical, line, nor mic)

* Euro/Australasian models ("MZ-NH600") have line/optical input but no mic.

* Buffalo Corp. released the downloader-only variant badged as the "Buffalo MD-HUSB" that uses "BeatJam for Buffalo" as the audio management software (not SonicStage).

Markets: US, Europe, Japan (Buffalo)

Back on topic.

killinglonelinesshim: You might want to check out reviews and threads on the RH10. Quite a few RH10 users are reporting that the display can be difficult to see in bright light or sunlight. So I'd also look into the RH910.

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