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Bit Torrent Available: Derek Trucks Band 2006-08-19

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Bit Torrent link

My first recordings with the RH1 and I am very satisfied. Very cool unit and in combo with the 40ELK, I was doing just fine. This is a audience recording pointed at the stacks from the stage. I also recorded Oteil's band in SP for giggles on a standard MD and was very surprised at how fast it uploaded (into PCM).

Battery life was decent. I recorded:

45 minutes line input in SP on standard MD (Oteil and the Peacemakers set)

56 minutes line input in PCM on Hi-MD running 40ELK (Derek Trucks Band set)

140 minutes line input in Hi-SP on Hi-MD with OLED off running 40ELK with backlight on (Allman Brothers set)

I had about 1/4 meter left but was able to playback with 1/2 meter on the way home. I like having the OLED off and it still shows the little red record light and the battery meter (maybe they were actually thinking when they designed this one? :ok: ). I was running the 40ELK cause I had it clamped to the mic stand. I try to keep the preamp/recorder box out of the way of the drunks and their plastic cups, so the 40ELK out in the open seems safer to me at big shed shows like Walnut Creek.

I will be feeling much better with an extra battery (enroute from ebay) and the Razor V3i car charger. That dynamic normalizer is one of the best things for live recorders that Sony has included on the RH1. It really helps when going line input on my car deck during the ride home.

Overall, very pleased with the RH1 and was able to show it off to a few tapers and friends at the show last night. Some of the mac community folks are interested in the mac uploadings,etc.

Well, check it out and let me know what you think.

You can also listen from the archive here: Live Music Archive (mp3 and ogg formats with streams)

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