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'Switch' app to convert atrac->MP3/wav (but not really)

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The Low Volta

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have a look at this ppl: Switch

it is a (mac and windows) free/shareware app that allows to directly convert atrac (and a whole lot of other formats) to wav and MP3... the mac functionality is kinda strange as mac can't work with atrac IIRC and this program will definitely not allow to import anything the HiMD music transfer software for mac can't handle (and that imports all as wav)

PS: I just stumbled upon this as it is from the same company I use a transcription tool from (express scribe) and I was looking for the most recent version for mac so I haven't really tested this yet...

edit: please read on, I jumped to conclusions as this program can't really handle current atrac formats... and HiMD-Renderer can! so Marcnet rules and switch is switched off :lol:

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I've just figured out how to rip mp3 data directly off a HIMD disc. Soon to be a new feature in 0.60.

I bet this program dosn't do that :P

And I dont see mention of At3, OMA or OMG file formats in the list of file formats it can read. Maybe i'm missing something.

And if it does do everything that HIMDRenderer can do, then all it means that I can finally work on some other project (or just laze around watching SouthPark) in my free time.

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hi marcnet... glad to hear you are still gaining ground on sony's hermetic technology!

I just thought it was interesting to see some company has picked up on your idea... even if it would act the same, I'd still prefer your brilliant app though (I don't need all the other conversions and I like the idea that you as one person have been able to do all this)

still, here's what made me think that it does the same as HiMDRenderer:

Switch Features

* Converts a variety of audio file formats to mp3 or wav such as wav, mp3, ogg, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, msv, dvf, vox, atrac, gsm, dss, plus more.

I admit, it doesn't say atrac3, atrac3+, .omg or .oma but as atrac(1) never was a true computer format (IIRC, therefore the need to convert SP to HiSP or PCM when importing with the RH1), I assumed they didn't not mean that...I guessed it to be a generalisation of atrac3(+)-modes

but when checking which file-formats it supports I see this:

Q. What file formats does the converter support?

Switch can open files in the following formats:

* wav (PCM, ADPCM, aLaw, uLaw, and others, see here)

* mp3 (MPEG Layer 3)

* au

* aif/aiff

* gsm

* vox

* raw

* ogg

* flac

* aac*

* m4a*

* mp2 (MPEG Layer 2)

* wma*+

* rm / ra / ram+

* dvf (Not all dvf recorders are supported)+

* msv (Not all msv recorders are supported)+

* dss (SP Mode only)+

* cda+

* .mov !

* .amr !

*Copy protected files are not decoded

+ Windows only

! Mac OS X only

Switch on a Windows computer can open most other formats which can be decoded by Windows Media Player

Switch on a Mac computer can open most other formats which can be decoded by QuickTime

Switch can also save files to the following formats:

* wav (PCM, ADPCM, aLaw, uLaw, and others, see here)

* mp3

* au

* aif/aiff

* gsm

* vox

* raw

* ogg

* flac

* aac

* m4a

* .mov (Mac only)

These are the ONLY formats we claim to support

and on their forums I found this:

OMA / OMG / ATP files do not load properly / Only the first 1.01 minutes of my OMA / OMG / ATP file gets converted

We only support the older-style ATRAC .wav format, we do NOT support the OMA/OMG/ATP formats, as these have in-built Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. You need to contact Sony to ask how to convert these files to other formats.

so marcnet, sorry for the arrousal, you still are THE man :lol: even a swiss pro-audio company can't get to HiMDRenderer's height... I salute you and if you excuse me, I'm now off to donate some money to the HiMDRenderer-project :P

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